Review: Disney PlayMation’s Gamma Gear is a smash!


While I had endless hours of enjoyment playing with the Iron Man Repulsor Gear a few months ago (and having one of the best costume accessories), the Gamma Set is easily the most fun I’ve had with any toy released this year. Powered by your imagination, the moment you power on and put the two large Hulk fists on, it’s hard to resist the need to run around hitting and smashing and yelling, complete with sound effects.

Like the Iron Man Repulsor Gear, you will want to have plenty of batteries on hand (four for right, two for left) and four more just for the activator. I’d recommend picking up plenty of rechargeable batteries. The play time of the Gamma Starter Pack varies depending on if you are connected to the AvengersNet App, or any other devices including the Power Activators. For me they lasted for about a week of multiple “Smashing Sessions.” As for the activator you can also pick up an Activator Recharge Pack from Power A for just under $12, just for the major convenience factor, especially when charging via a mini USB.


My biggest issue with the Gamma Gloves comes very apparent the moment you try them on for the first time. After grabbing a hold of the bar in each glove, you notice a pretty big difference in the weight distribution on each glove. The right glove serves as the main hub for the pair which controls the Bluetooth feature and J.A.R.V.I.S. functions. You can also easily notice the differences in how the right looks from than the left.

Where the Repulsor Gear is made for long range battles, the Gamma Gear is perfect for those who prefer to be in the front line and face enemies head on. It features three attacks: a powerful punch, gamma wave, and the ability to pick up objects like cars and rubble and throw them at opponents.


Since my last review, Disney/Hasbro released a huge line of additional figures made to work with the Playmation. Connecting the figures to the power activators unlock a new challenge, usually centered around training with a hero or facing off against an evil villain. I was able to get my hands on three additional pieces and see just how they work on the Gamma Gear set. While the regular figures aren’t really necessary to expand the already unlimited gameplay Playmation already offers, they serve quite nice as a small change of pace as each figure features a unique voice for the character and doubles as a really nice display piece.

I was quite surprised by how much fun you can have with the Ultron Prowler Bot. It looked cool after taking it out of the box and installing even more batteries into it (yay, more batteries….) and after sensing my Gamma Set, it entered battle mode, started rolling towards me and attacking. You can use it with any set and it does the same, and the only thing that changes is how you fight it. It doesn’t work on every surface and is a bit more expensive than the regular figures, but if I had to pick one item to play with, it would hands down be the Prowler Bot.

The Marvel line has only impressed me with how Disney and Hasbro are getting kids (and adults) like me to go outside and play more, or even be more active at home and focusing on the power of the imagination. The gear is really well designed and easy to use for everyone, and most importantly, it’s all fun.

Now I can’t wait to see how the Star Wars line will turn out!

The Disney Playmation Starter Pack was possible thanks to a review unit from Disney.

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