15 anime Christmas songs to add to your songlist


Christmas is here! With all the holiday celebrations, why not add some anime Christmas songs to your playlists? Here’s 12 non-traditional anime Christmas songs to consider adding to your music list tonight, along with a few extra at the end!

Inuyasha – “Silver Bells”

Though the rap may or may not put some off, the chorus is amazingly catchy, and it is admittedly one of my favorite Christmas songs.

Digimon Tamers – “Santamon wo Sagase”

A fun, upbeat song by Takato, Jenrya, and Ruki that’ll have you wanting to dance along as everyone preps for Christmas celebrations.

Digimon Adventure 02 – “Minna no Christmas”

A beautifully arranged song sung by Kouji Wada, perfect to sit down to after dinner or just in a moment of peace.

Digimon Frontier – “Christmas Night “

Kouji Wada makes the list again with another ballad on the guitar, though this one sounds more to unwind and just chill down for the night.

Tenchi Muyo Movie 2: Daughter of Darkness – “Manatsu no Eve”

Reminiscing about good times on Christmas Eve, this song was actually the ending song for the movie itself. A bit of a slower tempo, with a nostalgic feel, great for just a listen or if you’re feeling particularly alone this holiday.

Ranma ½ – “A Pure and Honest Christmas”

Sung by DoCo, the voice actresses for female Ranma, Akane, Nabiki, Kasumi, and Shampoo, it’s a cheery little Christmas ditty you’ll be tempted to sing-a-long to after the first couple of times.

Love Hina – “Winter Wish”

A pretty J-pop song very characteristic of the early 2000s, when it was first released. Originally an insert song for the Christmas special episode, it’s definitely found its popularity amongst fans for the beautiful vocals and hopeful lyrics.

Uta no Prince-sama – “Shining Star Xmas”

It’s a singing anime with lots of talented voice actors. Did you really expect them to not release a Christmas song? 😛

Gundam Wing – “Snow Planet”

There’s a Christmas song for Gundam Wing?! Yeah, my thoughts when I first discovered it a long while back too. Definitely one of the more unique songs on this list with its electric-pop-rock feel characteristic of the Gundam Wing OP/ED songs.

Toradora! – “Holy Night”

One of the more popular anime Christmas songs, this merry little tune about spending time with friends during this happy time of the year will surely warm your heart.

Aria the Animation – “Santa Claus no Sora”

A very beautiful song that makes me wish I had found the on-vocal version to share. Vocals do exist, though I wasn’t able to find an online video for it. Do listen to this gorgeous piano cover of the song.

Magic Knight Rayearth – “Seiya no Tenshi Tachi”

A very soft, slow ballad you can relax to as the night wraps up, or just to cuddle up with a loved one.

Yes, the two below are remixes of the traditional Christmas songs, but with all the chattering from the countries in the background, you’re sure in for an amusing time.

Hetalia – “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”

Hetalia – “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”

And last, but not least, though not from an anime, still one of the most popular songs of the year:「ありのままで」(Ari no Mama de). You may recognize it from the popular winter Disney movie Frozen. Here’s the Japanese version sung by May J.

Frozen – “Ari no Mama de”

Merry Christmas everyone!

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