Seven holiday gift ideas for the Game of Thrones fan


It looks like we are going to have to wait until next year to see new episodes of the ridiculously popular HBO show Game of Thrones. Until then, we will just have to take comfort in material things, especially since the holidays are here. We have done our research and decided to share with you 7 holiday gifts for the Game of Thrones lover in us all.

1 – Ommegang Brewery’s Game of Thrones ‘Mother’s Mercy’ gift set


What a better way to wait and watch Game of Thrones than to drink some brews of the official beer! This collector’s edition is perfect for those who love a light and dark beer (The Iron Throne is a blonde ale, Take The Black is stout). This set also comes with its own collector’s beer glass for those fancy moments on the iron throne. This is the perfect gift for Game of Thrones fans and beer lovers.

Available here.

2 – Game of Thrones books


Of course, to wait for the long few months before Game of Thrones returns, fans could also read the stories. The George RR Martin books are available in paperback, hardcover, and digital form. You could purchase the five books individually or as a combo set. If you or the GOT fan already have the book, then why not get a coffee table book. Running Press just released their coffee table book with details from Season 1 to 5 of the series: Game of Thrones: The Noble Houses of Westros Season 1-5. What a great refresher to have before the sixth season.

Available here.

3 -The Blu-rays and DVDs


Although there is no complete 1-5 seasons box set, there is still the Seasons 1-4 box set available and Season 5 is out now. The extras are what makes the box set and Blu-rays worth it. Re-live the tale of Game of Thrones for a “feel good” holiday. Who are we kidding? Just watch it because it’s good.

4 – Game of Thrones RISK game


Game of Thrones is known for war and strategy in the books and on the show, so of course, it would make the perfect Risk game. Choose a house and battle to claim the land… just like on Game of Thrones! If you don’t feel like playing this game, they also have Game of Thrones Monopoly and their version of Trivial Pursuit.

Available here:

5 – Game of Thrones blankets


When I think of gifts for people, I think about what they would be doing while watching Game of Thrones. Nothing dirty! Just relaxing on the couch wearing their blanket and watching Game of Thrones. Why not give them a blanket to wear while watching their favorite show. ThinkGeek offers a variety of blankets to choose from. Want to rep your House or just wear a standard GOT blanket? They have it!

Available here and here.

6 – Game of Gnomes Garden Gnome Statue


Want something unique that you really can’t find in any comic book or geek store? This Game of Gnomes Garden Gnome is the perfect gift for the friend who already almost has everything Game of Thrones. Your friend will not expect this little guy as a gift and can actually put it outside in the garden.

Available here.

7 – Game of Thrones POP! Figures


Need to save some money, but still give your friend something Game of Thrones related? Well, Funko’s Pop figures do make great gifts. They come in multiple characters too, so no matter what, you’ll find their favorite character. I think Funko are the only merchandisers who could make White Walkers look cute. These inexpensive figures are great if you honestly don’t know what to get them. Who doesn’t love being able to display Jon Snow in their office?

Available here.

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