Bayonetta and Corrin join Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS; Cloud available today


Series creator Masahiro Sakurai held the final Smash Direct Presentation today to reveal the remaining DLC characters for Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS.

Fire Emblem: Fates star Corrin will be joining the battle with male and female version like with Robin and Wii Fit Trainer. This means that there are now six Fire Emblem characters in the game!

The Wii U version will feature 2 new songs for each Fire Emblem stage while the 3DS version comes with Ryoma and Xander trophies.

Fire Emblem: Fates has been out in Japan since June, but it won’t be coming to North America until February 19, 2016.

Umbra witch

However, the biggest announcement was the winner of the Smash Ballot, who just so happened to be Bayonetta. She was ranked #1 in Europe and was Top 5 in the United States. Overall, she was the most wanted character worldwide. She made her Nintendo debut last year when Bayonetta 2 and 1 released for Wii U. Her appearance also marks the inclusion of the stage, Umbra Clock Tower, which was the opening sequence of the first Bayonetta. Falling debris will determine how the stage is laid out. There will also be a point where the stage enters a world called Purgatorio that will display angels in the background along with infamous bosses from the the game. Character trophies Jeanne, Rodin, and Cereza trophies will also be included with the character.

These two characters launch in February for $5.99 separately and $6.99 for both versions with Amiibos in development. If you can’t wait that much longer, Cloud is available today with the Midgar Stage.

Watch the full Smash Direct below for more details.

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