Agents of SHIELD S3 E10 ‘Maveth’ recap


Caution: Spoilers Ahead

Last week’s episode left us on quite the cliffhanger. Coulson, bent on getting revenge for not only Rosalind’s death but everything that Ward has done, tracked him to the castle where they rescued Simmons from the portal. With just a small team of Hunter and Bobbi with him, he leaves Mack as acting Director and intends on infiltrating the castle. He succeeds, but not the way he intended. Instead, he dove out of a plane while HYDRA was firing missiles at them and went straight through the roof into the portal after Ward, Fitz, and a small extraction team.

This week, we open with Fitz leading the team using the algorithm that Simmons developed to predict the opening of the portals. It has been apparently six hours and they are trying to find their way to the extraction point while searching for the hell beast of a creature that HYDRA has been looking for. While searching they cross over a ridge over looking a giant HYDRA statue.

Meanwhile, Hunter and Bobbi meet up with Mack and the rest of the team and have to explain how and why they lost Coulson. Of course, a new problem arises. While surveying the castle via satellite, Daisy watches HYDRA bring in approximately twelve Inhumans in the stasis pods from the ATCU. The mission just got more complicated: infiltrate the castle, open the portal for Fitz and Coulson, rescue them and Simmons and the Inhumans. Mack, fitting nicely into his role as Director, determines the best course of action is to split up into two three man extraction teams.

Back on the alien planet, Coulson, previously knocked out from the fall through the portal, wakes up to find himself on a desert planet with two moons reminding him of Tatooine. He dusts himself off, checks his gun, and moves on to find the others. Meanwhile, the others have found Will and Fitz are busy trying to convince them not to kill him. Ward sees Will’s patch identifying him as part of the Distant Star Program and possibly a fellow HYDRA ally, so he decides not to kill him. This allows Fitz some time to tell Will that Simmons made it out and he is here to take him back through the portal. Leading them through the desert, Fitz and Will are able to begin making a plan to escape Ward and the team to get out themselves and leave the rest behind.

Mack’s plan seems to be going according to plan back on Earth. The two teams entered an old drainage tunnel and split there. May and the “Power Rangers” (Daisy, Joey and Lincoln) go to rescue the Inhumans while Mack, Hunter and Bobbi move towards the castle to gain control of the portal and extract their teammates. Lincoln is able to take out the lights in the camp outside the castle allowing them to infiltrate easier. In the dark and confusion, Simmons is able to escape her binds and make her escape. On her way she finds herself among the Inhuman stasis pods and makes a startling discovery. The SHIELD pod with Andrew was also delivered there as well. Turning on the lights, she finds Andrew begging for her help. With HYDRA agents closing in on her, Simmons has no choice but to trust Andrew and set him loose. He quickly becomes Lash and saves her life.

Will’s plan begins to unfold. Leading the HYDRA team into the “No Fly Zone” and a giant dust storm, Will kills the soldier with him and the one guarding Fitz and they make their escape into the dust cloud. Coulson isn’t far behind tracking them, and just when Ward realizes that Fitz and Will are gone, Coulson strikes. He takes out the two remaining soldiers with Ward and shoots him in the shoulder, bringing him to the ground. Disarming him, Coulson holds Ward at gunpoint forcing him to lead the way to find Fitz.

Mack, Bobbi and Hunter make their way into the castle and begin barricading themselves in the portal room. May rescues Simmons while Daisy, Lincoln and Joey look for information in the camp HQ and take out the Inhuman working for HYDRA in the process. Once everyone is in the portal room, Simmons briefs the team on the HYDRA team’s mission through the portal. After which they figure out May is missing and had gone after Andrew/Lash. She doesn’t find him but instead finds the remains of the other twelve Inhumans that Lash killed. Back with the team, there is a division among what the plan should be. Do they wait for the portal to open and hope that it is Fitz and Coulson coming through or do they destroy it to keep the HYDRA hell beast from coming through? HYDRA meanwhile begins fighting their way through the barricades and Mack makes the hard call: he stays behind waiting till the last minute for Fitz and Coulson. If HYDRA takes the castle back, he orders May to destroy the castle with him inside and leaves her as Director.

On the alien planet, Coulson and Ward make progress and eventually are able to see Fitz and Will in the distance. With only 13 minutes left to get to the extraction point, Coulson picks up the pace. Way up ahead, Will and Fitz come over a ridge to find ancient ruins of a city. Will explains that there was once 9 great cities on the planet. The civilization on the planet feared change though and began to wage war among each other and destroyed themselves. Fitz questions how Will knows so much as he helps him change his bandage when Fitz sees Will’s bone and no blood. That is when he figures out Will is not Will but instead the HYDRA beast they are looking for. The beast tells Fitz that Will died the day Simmons was rescued. Fitz reaches for his gun and the beast kicks him over the ridge.

Ward and Coulson come over the ridge to see the beast attempting to kill Fitz. Taking his eyes off Ward, he shoots down the beast and Ward makes his move. Ward and Coulson fight to gain control of the gun, each trying to kill the other. Meanwhile the portal opens and the beast gets up and begins moving towards it. Fitz empties what’s left of the clip in his gun and slows down the beast, but it keeps moving towards the portal. Finally Fitz grabs a flare gun and shoots it in the back. Catching fire and burning to a crisp it finally seems like it is over. Fitz turns to yell for Coulson to hurry up. He sees Coulson make the final blow to Ward, knocking him down for the count. Begging him to leave, Fitz keeps yelling for Coulson, but not this time. Coulson wants to make sure the job is done. He leans on Ward’s chest with his robotic hand and crushes him. Ward is dead and Coulson begins moving to meet with Fitz as the camera pans over the beast’s burning body and we see something oozing out of the mouth.

Back on the Earth, Mack gives the order to fire on the castle as HYDRA has made their way in. Reluctantly May gives the order and the castle is destroyed, just as the SHIELD containment pod comes flying through the destruction up to the plane with Mack, Daisy, Fitz and Coulson safely on board. It seems as though we have finally gotten some closure. Ward is gone and Hydra took a massive blow. Then the end credits scene plays. We see an angry Malek being driven to the airport as the car comes to a screeching halt. Ward is standing in the middle of the road. At least it looks like Ward, but a close up reveals something crawling under his skin. The beast made it through the portal.

What is in store for the team will have to wait till after the holidays as this was the mid-season finale. In my opinion is was a great note to end on. One story, the relentless chase for Ward, has finally come to an end. To me, this should have ended a long time ago and the writers should not have kept this plot going for so long. In any case, it is over now and we have a new threat to deal with. Even if he still looks like Ward.

Agents of SHIELD returns to ABC March 8th, 2016.

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