Batman nightmare sequence and The Flash cameo confirmed in Batman v Superman

The Flash cameo

More information is coming out of Brazil’s Comic-Con Experience 2015. Batman v Superman costume designer Michael Wilkinson was on hand at the show this weekend and talked a little bit about how he created the suits for Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.  During a Q&A at the convention, he revealed a few new details about the film.

On of the key parts of the new trailer that was released last Wednesday, was the suspected nightmare scene where Batman tries to fight off Superman’s minions only to be captured and brought before the Man of Steel. Wilkinson confirmed that what fans saw in the trailer and the scene that was shown after the Fall Finale of Gotham was a dream sequence that Bruce Wayne has during the film.

“Zack had a great idea of this sort of nightmare-ish vision, almost a vision of the future, a post-apocalyptic vision. It’s like a dream that Ben has, so we wanted to, it has almost a Mad Max quality to it where it’s like the end of the world, trying to survive and then, of course, Superman and his minions come, so it’s sort of a way of representing the amazing amounts of, the sort of obsessive quality that Bruce Wayne has about the threat of Superman. In this film, Superman, of course, he’s normally seen as a figure of hope, a positive thing, but in this film, his motivations, the consequences of his actions are really being questioned by the world. Is he a savior? Or is he a dangerous alien with unknown intentions? And this becomes an obsession for Bruce Wayne. And he really wants to sort it out. So, it’s manifested in this sort of incredible dream that Zack decided to create.”

What is interesting is that many fans believed the flying minions in the dream sequence to be Darkseid’s parademons, which is odd because it to the best of our knowledge that Batman has never faced in Darkseid in the DC Cinematic Universe. More than likely, the parademons were simply just an easter egg for fans and could possibly hint at where the franchise goes in the future.

Another big detail Wilkinson revealed was that Ezra Miller will make a cameo appearance in the film.

“Well, I’m not really at the liberty to talk about The Flash right now, but it’s something that you’ll be seeing in the future in our films. You do get a glimpse of him, of course, in Batman v Superman. But I’m really looking forward to taking the amazing, iconic costume for The Flash and interpreting it in a fresh way where Ezra Miller is playing The Flash. He’s an extraordinary performer, he has a sort of interesting sense of humor and the youth that will be great for Barry Allen and I think he’s going to make a great Flash.”

There is a rumor going around that Barry Allen does make an appearance in the movie. According to Heroic Hollywood, Batman infiltrates LexCorp and goes through surveillance footage and sees a blur stop a robbery. There is also a rumor that Aquaman will make a cameo as well in the film.

Given how mixed the reaction was to the new trailer: What do you think of these new details on Batman v Superman? Let us know in the comments below.

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