Into the Badlands 1×04 ‘Two Tigers Subdue Dragons’ review


Tonight’s episode of Into the Badlands threw in so many twists and turns for all the characters. The tension has also turned up between the barons and their control for the Widow’s land that Quinn has taken over. The Widow has no choice but to turn baron against baron. Mainly, the mines baron Jacobee, who hates Quinn less than the others, against Quinn. The Widow is able to have them go against each other with the help of her ‘daughters’… or at least until Tilda screwed it up by leaving her butterfly ninja star.

Speaking of Tilda, we learned a lot about her past – including losing her innocence to the Widow’s dead husband. The Widow saved all of these women and wanted to prove to the barons that she is a force to be reckoned with. It’s true. She really is. Tilda seems to have a weakness when it comes to MK, but after seeing him able to switch off his evil side when looking at her, it seems she is his too. It was really fun watching Tilda and MK battle it out. Fighting camp seems to have paid off for the two actors. 

Another twist we see is Ryder’s upcoming rebellion against his father. Trying to prove his mother and Jade wrong, Ryder negotiates working with Jacobee’s crew, mainly his Regent Zypher to off his father. It looks like Ryder has grown some courage. Of course, now he is forced to work with the Widow and Zypher (who wants to take over of Jacobee’s land). Honestly, Ryder has no choice. If he doesn’t work with the Widow, he’s at a risk of never taking over his father’s lands and being killed by Zypher then and there. If he does work with her, she requests that he find the kid with the Azra pendant. Yes, the same pendant that Ryder took from MK.

As for MK, he is becoming stronger and faster as a fighter. Now, all he needs to do is continue his training and learn how to control his power and patience. We have to remember, MK is still a teenager – irrational and impatient. After learning MK doesn’t know where Azra is, Sunny is desperate to find another way out of the Badlands. Thanks to Waldo, Sunny finds the River King who would only help him if he helped find the guy who killed his last shipment of COGS and bring him his head. We learn that guy was MK.

What a twist!

Everyone is now after MK. He is the answer to everyone’s problem. I can’t tell if Sunny is having a hard time killing MK, because honestly, it doesn’t seem like Sunny seems to really care about MK. I didn’t see any sympathy towards MK, other than when he freed him initially. He is just keeping him to get Veil out of the Badlands. I don’t feel like there is a real friendship between the two like I do with Waldo and Sunny. Not enough for both of them to care about each other beyond using each other.

The other storyline between Lydia and Jade is interesting. Lydia kept telling everyone that she doesn’t care about Jade becoming a wife, but then to find out that the previous second wife was poisoned. Yeah… watch your back, Jade. Lydia also knows about Jade sleeping with both Quinn and Ryder. She could use this information to off Jade like one of King Henry VIII’s wives. Because we know, if Quinn found out that Jade is sleeping with Ryder too, she’s a goner. Jade needs to figure out how to deal with Lydia and become queen bee.

As for Quinn, Veil gave him some hope to finding a cure to his tumor but tells him it will make him weak. It may not be a lifesaver, but it will prolong his life. If you’re probably thinking maybe Veil should just kill him, we thought the same thing. But, Sunny is right about the other barons who could make their lives worse. They must keep Quinn alive until they can find a way out.

Overall, this episode showcased a lot of twists and turns that we did not see coming and kept me really entertained. I really hope to see more of Jacobee and Zypher in the next episodes,  as well as meet the other barons and their regents. It’d be great to see more power plays and dynamics between the lands.

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