Doctor Who Christmas Special has a title, photos, sneak preview… and a new sonic screwdriver?!

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It looks like the BBC is giving us lots of presents this Christmas! We finally got a title to this year’s Christmas Special which features the Doctor’s favorite wife – River Song. What’s the title? The Husbands of River Song. Yes, it’s very fitting considering this is the third incarnation of her husband that she has met!

We are also given an official photo which features the 12th Doctor with River Song… and a new sonic screwdriver?!


Let’s zoom in, shall we?


Oooo… Fancy. More money for me to spend on buying the toy version.

Doctor Who 24/7 has also shared some photos of the characters we will be seeing for this episode. I’ve added them on the bottom for your enjoyment. For those who love cosplaying Doctor Who characters like I do, check out River Song’s costumes. The photos are very detailed on her outfit. Yes, I am taking notes.

As for the sneak peek, BBC has released their Christmas trailer, which showcases all their shows that will have a Christmas special – including Doctor Who and Sherlock! We just see some clips, but with our obsession with the Doctor, that should be enough. We see the Doctor and River in the clip below:


The Doctor Who Christmas Special: The Husbands of River Song airs this Christmas Day on BBC One/BBC America.

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