Top 5 Christmas gift ideas for the geek in your family


If you are not a geeky person, it can be difficult trying to Christmas shop for the nerds in your family. Being a nerdy guy my whole life, I have received quite a few terrible gifts, and I totally understand that it is the thought that counts and all that junk, but I always feel guilty when a family member gets my name in the gift exchange and spends their hard earned money on either something I already have, or something that is in a fandom that I am not particularly fond of. This list is going to be dedicated to the out of touch aunts out there, or the wives struggling to find their goober-weirdo husbands something that he will be happy to open on Christmas Morning.

5. Xbox Live/ Playstation Plus membership


Chances are that your beloved geek plays video games and either has an Xbox or PlayStation. If they don’t have one of the next-gen consoles yet, chances are they will be getting one from Santa Clause this year. If not you can go ahead and skip down to number four. Unless the nerd in your family has made a list and asked for a SPECIFIC game, taking a chance and buying him/her a random game is a recipe for disaster. Xbox Live and Playstation Plus membership extensions, however, are always needed and welcomed. Generally the extensions come at different price points for different time periods. All you need to do is find out whether they have an Xbox or a PlayStation, go to your local store’s video game section and buy the membership card that fits your budget.

For Xbox.

For PlayStation.

4. Funko Pops

daredevil funko pop - daredevil

Funko Pops fall in either one of two categories for nerds. You either love or collect them faithfully, or you think to yourself, “Yeah, Funko Pops are awesome but I just don’t want to spend the money on them myself,” making them the perfect gift. The great thing is that they make Funko Pops for just about every fandom, movie, or television show you can think of. From the WWE, to Marvel Comics, Sesame Street, Supernatural, Walking Dead, Star Wars and countless more… all have series of collectable Funko Pop figurines.

Search for Funko Pops here.

3. Wireless Bluetooth Speakers


Another gift that is never not awesome are wireless bluetooth speakers. Generally your geek will already own an expensive Bluetooth speaker that is super awesome and high quality, but this means nothing! You can never have enough wireless speakers, even cheap ones will find their uses. While I keep my best Bluetooth speaker in my house, I have my cheapo speaker that I keep in my backpack for outdoor or on the road use, and a third one that I keep in my garage for when I am tinkering on the work bench. A fourth could be kept at work for around the office, and a fifth can be kept in my glove box… the point is that nobody should ever open a Bluetooth speaker on Christmas and be disappointed.

Get started looking here.

2. External Battery Power Bank

MOS Reach GO Charger

In the age of technology the common geek is completely helpless when his/her phone battery dies. The anxiety of being in a strange place with no technology… no access to WAZE to find our way home. All of this drama can be avoided with the gift of power bank batteries. Much like the wireless speakers, you can never have too many power banks. Whether you are going to be out all day at the local comic con, or your phone is two years old and the battery doesn’t even last a full day anymore, there are always uses for these portable life savers.

Get Started looking here.

1. Movie Tickets


2016 is shaping up to be a great year for the film industry. Geeks will be treated to Batman v Superman, Captain America: Civil War, Deadpool, Warcraft, and many more blockbusters. If you are at your wits end trying to think about what to get that special weirdo in your family, movie tickets are 100% the safest choice for a great gift considering how much money will be spent at the theater this next year. If every single person in my family decided to buy me movie tickets for Christmas this year, I would still end up having to buy more tickets to see all of the nerdy films I want to see coming in the next year.

You can buy them online here.

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