Blue Origins successful lands New Shepard, making history

Blue Origins Launch // New Shepard

Reusable launch vehicles – what?! Blue Origins is a company founded by Jeff Bezos, founder of the lovely Amazon, and focuses on making new technology that is going to help us humans get to space. “But we’ve already done that!” Well of course – but it cost more money than I could even imagine. Well, Bezos’ goal is to make rockets, flight technology, and other things of the sort, significantly cheaper and things that can be reused, which, if you did not know, is the point of the article.

So why are reusable rockets such a big deal? Well, that’s because once they’ve taken their turn, you can’t really do much about it. When a rocket is done, it’s done. On top of that, Blue Origin plans to make suborbital transit available to everyone! Because of this, a rocket than can be reused is a major thing.

On November 23rd of this year, Blue Origin launched New Shepard, a rocket in which they plan to make reusable. The success of it taking off and landing is great news for not only us who have our heads in the science world, but for everyone else as well. Not only can New Shepard be used again, but they managed to succeed at a vertical take off and vertical landing. If you happened to read how to go to space in just a thousand words, you would know that taking off vertically is usually not successful or the way regular shuttles take off. You need to take off at an angle, so for something like this to happen, is actually quite historic.

Although Blue Origins has yet to prove that New Shepard can be reused, they plan to prove that fact to us within a month or so.

“We are on the verge, in my opinion, of a new golden era of rocketry,” says Jeff Bezos, “and I believe that, one day, all rockets will have landing gear.”

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