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Link has been on adventures since I can remember. Legend of Zelda games have graced us with their presence on just about every Nintendo system to date. Following the release of Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D, Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes brings a new take on the series by introducing a major multiplayer component. How does Tri Force Heroes “stack up” (you’ll get that joke in a little bit) compared to other Legend of Zelda games? Let’s find out.


Games in the Legend of Zelda franchise always heavily rely on a story. Link is set out on a mission to right some wrong and rescue a princess. In Tri Force Heroes, you play as Link and must defeat an evil witch who placed a horrible curse on the Princess of Hytopia making her unable to…dress cutely. As the story goes, the Princess of Hytopia is known far and wide for her fashion sense until a jealous witch curses her to only be able to wear a brown onesie. An urgent request from the King asks for 3 heroes that are willing to venture out and defeat the witch giving his daughter back her fashion.

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As a fan of the Legend of Zelda franchise, this one caught me off guard. The Zelda games I played seemed to feature a more sinister plot and villain. This game seems to take a different approach targeting a younger audience with a less sinister villain and curse. As a gamer in my 20s, I was not invested in the story at all and instead, played because of the new features that were brought to the game.


Tri Force Heroes took a different approach in regards to the art style and graphics. The game is played from a tilted top-down angle and looks heavily stylized. If you have played Pokemon Alpha Sapphire or Omega Ruby then the graphic style is very similar to that. Link looks closer to Toon Link than his more realistic counterpart that we saw in Majora’s Mask or even in A Link Between Worlds.


This is really a personal preference to me. I didn’t find myself really disappointed with art style or even the graphics. The art goes well with the story to really solidify the inkling that this game is targeted to a younger crowd. The stylized look of the characters, lands, and Link were fun and light hearted. Would it have been my first choice? No, but I wouldn’t not play the game because of it.


Gameplay is really where this game shines. The story calls for three heroes to take up the mantle and hunt down the evil witch. With this in mind, a new multiplayer feature was added to allow you to play with your friends locally (think couch co-op) or online. You each play as Link and must work together to solve puzzles and defeat enemies to move through the land. Players have the ability to stack themselves to make a Link totem pole and reach high places or defeat tall enemies. The Link in the middle can go through the top Link to a high spot and the bottom Link can through the top two.

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Even though the game heavily highlights the multiplayer aspect, you can still play the game’s single player. Inserted of playing with the 2 other players, you get two enchanted Link dolls that you can switch between allowing you to still play the game. This is how I played the game and I believe this is a much harder way to play. You have to be much more strategic and think two moves ahead in order to get passed obstacles.

Besides this new multiplayer element, the gameplay is what you would expect from a Zelda game. You can use a sword, a bow, or a bomb to fight off enemies, chop down grass, and smash pots. You can also pick things up to through as a weapon as well. Overall the gameplay is fun and the multiplayer feature is a nice touch. I didn’t experience any bugs or any issues that would make the game unplayable.

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Final Reaction

Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is a pretty fun game overall. The graphics are fun to look at and pair well with the more childlike story. If you are expecting more true-to-life, less stylized graphics, this game isn’t for you. The story itself was a little too kiddie in my opinion, so if you are an older gamer and care about that sort of thing, keep that in mind. If you can look past toonish graphics and a childish story, then the gameplay is where you will be hooked. Being able to play co-op with friends right next to you is a dying feature in the video game industry, but this game holds on to that age old tradition many of us love.

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Being able to play online is a nice touch as well for friends out of town or to just meet some new fellow Zelda fans. If you like a challenge then take it on alone, you won’t be disappointed. All-in-all this game is fun but misses some marks for an older gamer crowd that may be expecting something like Majora’s Mask. I recommend picking this game up, but probably for a younger audience.

Rating: 3.5/5 Atoms

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