Into the Badlands 1×03 ‘White Stork Spreads Wing’ review


Into the Badlands continues with the amazing fight choreography in this episode and it did not even have to include the main star, Daniel Wu. The last episode showcased The Widow’s skills as a martial artist, but this time, we got to see how Quinn earned his Clipper status. The fight between The Widow (Emily Beecham) and Quinn (Marton Csokas) was well choreographed and just showed the animosity between barons. 

Quinn has declared war on The Widow, as well as the other barons. He will have to find allies, which we see there was a relationship between Sunny and Zypher. This is going to be really interesting.

Although Quinn is the antagonist of the show, along with the Widow, Csokas is still able to make him very charismatic. Quinn is dying and is struggling to hold onto his power. Don’t get me wrong – Quinn is still creepy and just all-around a bad guy. When he was talking to Veil, I couldn’t help but feel disgusted. But, you can’t help to think he’s a really good villain.

This week’s episode showcased the women of Into the Badlands – the Widow, Veil, Tilda, Lydia, Jade, and even the lady of the night, Angelica. There were plenty of powerful women showcasing their strengths and weaknesses.

We learned of Veil and Jade’s past relationship – both were raised in the Baron’s home and were close – until Jade became the Baron’s future wife. Pleading with Veil, it became apparent that Jade also grew up and was in love with Ryder (and probably vice versa). With that, Veil showcased her medical abilities to save Ryder, but also bring herself to the attention of Quinn. With the knowlegde of Sunny/Veil’s relationship, Quinn could totally take advantage of the situation, especially if she is unable to save him.

But, if you think about it, this could also be a way out for Veil and Sunny. Veil will have control of Quinn medically.

Lydia redeemed herself as a powerful leader after confronting her son with his attack on the Widow. She has given up her last weakness – her son. Now, she should be able to really take control of the fort and her husband.

MK is becoming a distraction for poor Tilda (Ally Ioannides), which we could see is her weakness. She was unable to save Angelica, but that would mean she would have had to face Sunny. Confronted by her mother, Tilda had to tearfully lie. I feel like Tilda is going to have to choose between a potential life with MK or her loyalty to her family.

Damn, who knew Angelica could fight like that? She was able to make Sunny bleed, which is a rare occurence for the Regent. I did not expect that from the first time we were introduced to her. After watching her fight, I came to realize that Angelica was one of the Widow’s ‘daughters’. I’m pretty sure The Widow is going to get revenge for this too, maybe even on Tilda.

I did enjoy the fact they showcased Sunny’s mentor Waldo’s strength as a lesson for MK. Even in a wheelchair, Waldo was able to overpower MK using his enemy’s strength – like a true martial arts lesson. Also, I always enjoy watching Stephen Lang on television.

Overall, the episode had so much going on with every character and still captured my attention without distracting me with an epic fight scene. I can’t wait to see more.

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