Remastered Gravity Rush gets an early release date for US

Kat // Gravity Rush (vita)

Back in 2012, Gravity Rush was released for PS Vita. Although it was initially for PS3, it ended up making its way to the Vita instead and became one of the prettiest games on the console yet. Now, we’re finally getting a PS4 version.

It was originally set to release on February 9th of next year. However, Sony just released news that it’ll be coming out one week earlier than expected – on February 2nd!

Usually, announcements like this would be about a game being delayed. I never thought I would be writing about one being released early!

The PlayStation Europe account tweeted about the games release, but it was also confirmed on the North American website for Amazon.

Gravity Rush is currently undergoing development, but luckily it won’t be much longer until all of us are able to get our hands on it. However, the game isn’t the only thing we’ll receive upon buying the 1080p remastered version. It also includes various expansions, such as – the Spy Pack, Maid Pack, and Military Pack! Cool stuff.

Curious about what Gravity Rush is all about? A girl named Kat loses her memory but quickly adapts to her new role as a shifter – someone who can manipulate and control the aspects of gravity. Eventually she travels to a whole lot of different places, discovering her power further and finding out key stuff about her clouded past.

Don’t forget to pick up the PS4 remake on February 2, 2016. Pre-order it here.

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