PS Vita Dungeon crawler Ray Gigant coming spring 2016


If you have enjoyed PlayStation Vita titles like Demon Gaze and Operation Abyss, you can look forward to a new title coming from Experience Inc. Ray Gigant which will be released in North America and Europe by publisher Acttil in Spring 2016.

With many of Earth’s major cities devastated by creatures known as Gigants, no military force was strong enough to fight back until a young boy, Ichiya Amakaze, managed to defeat one using a power called Yorigami. While a celebration was in order for a way to stand up to the beasts, it was short lived as Ichiya soon lost control of his power and inadvertently destroyed the city he had protected. After losing consciousness, Ichiya is detained and held in a safe location, but his fate will soon unfold.

Ray Gigant‘s story is told from three different point of views. The game will also feature skyscraper-sized boss battles, a rhythm-based battle action system, and Slash Beat Mode, which lets you unleash your characters hidden transformation powers by offering themselves to the Yorigami where they can unleash powerful attacks to their opponents.

Ray Gigant will be released digitally only and will feature Japanese audio with English subtitles. The official website for the game has also been launched.

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