Disneyland’s Star Wars Annual Passholder Event!

It’s no secret that Disneyland in Southern California is indeed one of the best places to go to when you were a kid. In fact, a lot of us adults never forgot how much we enjoyed going when we were younger. This is why most of us have shelled out cash for an Annual Passholder so that we can visit the park whenever we want. There are probably several like-minded individuals that like to go on a weeknight when the park isn’t as flooded on the weekends. We genuinely like to ride a couple rides, eat and enjoy some of the live entertainment, like Fantasmic or the fireworks show. The other great perk is to be able to attend the park during special annual passholder events like the Star Wars one they had yesterday evening.


Disney bought out the Star Wars franchise a little while ago and it looks like they’re starting to go full force with it at the park now. Tomorrowland has usually several different attractions in one area of the park, however, yesterday it was turned into Star Wars Land for anyone that was actually in attendance. They were selling BB-8 sippy cups at Pizza Port, there was an entire gallery of Star Wars items that were used from the movies, and of course they added and changed some of the Tomorrowland rides to fit the theme. (Now before I start talking about this, I want to inform you that there are spoilers into the newly added sequence of the ever popular Star Tours ride. If you don’t want to know about it, stop reading now.)

The Star Tours ride has ALWAYS been a crowd favorite in Disneyland, not only because of Star Wars but the fact that it’s different from the other rides. It literally immerses you into the world of Star Wars by randomizing your trips to either the jungles of Kashyyyk, the oceans of Naboo, the snowy white battlefields of Hoth, the ever busy futuristic city of Coruscant, or the blistering deserts of Tattooine. It’s always randomized and there are many different combinations that you can experience on that ride.


The special event last night introduced a completely new sequence to the Star Tours ride that will get Star Wars fans excited: Your Star Tours ship got to fly with Finn from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Not only do you fly with Finn, but he’s piloting our ever favorite rust bucket: the Millenium Falcon. As you fly down to the planet Jakku, you’re joined by Finn as he blasts fighters out of the sky to get you free from them; it’s pretty damned exciting. This is is pretty much a sneak into the upcoming movie and it does its job. They also introduce BB-8 into the sequence and his conversation with R2D2 will leave you guessing as to what they were talking about. I guess only C3P0 can answer that question for us.  😉


Disneyland also changed Space Mountain into Hyperspace Mountain to fit the theme. If you’ve gone on Space Mountain before, they’ve completely changed the video within the ride itself. As you’re flying through the tracks in the darkness, you will witness space battles with Star Destroyers, X-Wings, and Tie Fighters. It’s a little hard to enjoy the visuals since the ride goes so fast; however, it’s still a pretty enjoyable experience.

I’m not exactly sure if this is going to be a permanent change to this portion of the park, but as a regular Disneyland attendee, I wouldn’t complain about it. I do enjoy Disneyland and Star Wars, so to me these are all great changes for everyone to enjoy.

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