Supergirl NR Podcast – S02E05 ‘Livewire’ review


Welcome to part two of our double dose of podcasts. On this episode, Mike and John take a look at the…5th episode of Supergirl? On the episode titled, “Livewire,” Kara is introduced another infamous DC villains. Also, trouble heads to National City when Kara’s adoptive mother, played by Helen Slater, visits for Thanksgiving. What happened to Dean Cain’s character? What does his disappearance have to do with Henry Henshaw? Who is Winn’s father? What did we miss in Episode 4? All this and more will be discussed on this episode of the NR podcast.

Episode 5: “Livewire”

Official Episode Synopsis: Kara’s Thanksgiving may be ruined when she suspects her foster mother, Dr. Danvers (Helen Slater), who is coming to town, disapproves of her new role as a superhero.  Also, when an accident transforms a volatile CatCo employee into the villainous Livewire, she targets Cat and Supergirl.

Supergirl airs Mondays 8/7c on CBS. Make sure check out our Gotham and Walking Dead podcast. Also, look out for our Flash and Arrow show’s later this week.

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