Agents of SHIELD S3 E7 ‘Chaos Theory’ Recap


Caution: Spoilers ahead!

This week’s episode of SHIELD begins with the past. It picks up with May and Andrew in Maui on their last day. They make plans for their future and what it looks like. It cuts to a few days later with Andrew on the phone and Coulson deflecting his calls to May while he looks over some of the artifacts from Jai Ling’s Inhuman sanctuary, After Life. He hangs up with Coulson and opens one of the books to be blasted by terrigen crystal dust. He quickly gets absorbed by his cocoon from which he would later emerge as the Inhuman Lash.

Cut to the present with Daisy and Coulson walking through HQ with Andrew in step behind, listening, observing, as they argue about the morality and humaneness of the ATCU protocols. Andrew volunteers to check in on the new Inhuman recruit, Joey. Meanwhile, not able to believe the truth, May gets back to HQ and does some investigating. Looking up Andrew’s flight logs, checking his blood work and when all the evidence pointed to Andrew she tracks him down before he has a chance to hurt Joey. An argument breaks out when she confronts him and he ices her.

Coulson and Roselyn are prepping for a meeting with global leaders regarding the recent outbreak of Inhumans. Daisy, of course, has her reservations so Coulson brings her along charging her with the task to bring Roselyn into their point of view. They are nearby to the meeting at NORAD as a Quinjet docks with Mack and Lincoln on board. Lincoln contacted Mack with the evidence to prove that Lash is in SHIELD. It doesn’t take long for them to realize that it is Andrew. Tracking him to where he is held up with May leads to a truly joint operation between the ATCU and SHIELD to bring Lash in. However, an outburst from Lincoln complicates the operation. ATCU agents go down showing May that Andrew has changed. Daisy saves Roselyn’s life showing her that there are good Inhumans out there. Andrew is captured, alive and May agrees to send him with Roselyn to put him in stasis until their cure is complete.

Fitz is of course still working on trying to figure a way back through the portal for Gemma. Fitz comes across the recordings Gemma made while on the planet as she confessed her true feeling for him. He notices something in one of the pictures of Will that may be a clue linking an ancient order to a way through the portal. Having given up on tracking down Ward for their own sanity, Bobbi and Hunter offer their assistance in the search for answers. Fitz finds Gemma at one of the few windows in HQ watching the sunrise and he joins her.

That is how the episode comes to a close, with a sunrise. A dawn of a new day. For some, like Fitz and Gemma, it is full of promise; promise of what their future together could hold. Will they finally just get together already? But for others, the new day is not so promising. We see May watching the same sunrise from the plane bringing an unconscious Andrew back to be put into stasis. As she watches the sunrise we see a flashback to their time in Hawaii, ironically during a sunset, as they seemingly resolve to get back together. It seems like quite the parallel. On the one hand, we have a sunset during their declaration of love, while on the other hand, in present time, the sun rises on a new day with Andrew as a captive and May realizing the hope of a normal life with the man she loves is not in her cards.

Of course, in true Agents of SHIELD fashion, there is just one more thing. The end scene is with Ward and the ex-HYDRA head, Gideon Malick, that helped him with von Strucker. As Ward divulges his plans to take out Coulson to defeat SHIELD, Malick gets a phone call from Roselyn in a hotel room apologizing for not getting “him” to Malick and promises to do so soon before she rushes off the phone. As she hangs up, Coulson comes from around the corner buttoning up his shirt as they make breakfast plans.

Is she working with or for HYDRA? Is she tasked to bring Coulson in? Smart money says yes, but the writers also wanted us to think Andrew was dead in the previous episode. They purposely left out showing the face on the dead body at the end to leave that little bit of suspicion. Could that be what they are doing here by leaving out Coulson’s name? If so it raises more questions but almost certainly puts an expiration date on the newly forming relationship between Roselyn and Coulson.

Agents of SHIELD airs Tuesdays at 9|8c on ABC.

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