AMC’s Into the Badlands has its own comic


Known for taking adaptations of television shows from comic books like The Walking Dead and Preacher, AMC has dome the reverse and had made their new television series Into the Badlands into a comic series.

The new series, which premieres next Sunday, November 15, tells the story of Sonny, a Clipper aka soldier for a ruthless leader in the dystopic era who must train a mysterious young boy who could be the key to freedom. The comic, shown here for free, serves as a quick preview of what kind of person Sonny is. Written by the show’s writers Matt Okumura and Justin Doble, the comics gives us just a taste of the character before the show’s premiere. The full comic will come out on November 13th, two days before the premiere, on

Just based on the artwork and storyline itself, it looks like it’s going to be a bloody good read.


Into the Badlands premieres on November 15th on AMC

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