Power up your Playmation Starter Pack with Power A’s Recharge Pack


Disney’s Playmation is hands down one of the best interactive toys released this year and should be on a lot of holiday gift lists. It combines one’s imagination with a fun interactive game where your body (mainly your arm) is the controller.

When I first reviewed the starter pack, I mentioned one of the first things you should do after buying the set is to pick up almost a dozen rechargeable batteries since the gear and each power activator use four AA batteries. While the first few times I really didn’t mind switching out the batteries, it eventually became a pretty big annoyance having to find the right sized screwdriver and buying a fresh pack of batteries, or waiting to get home and charge the batteries for a few hours, pop them back in, in one endless cycle.


Luckily there is a nice alternative to this with PowerA’s officially licensed recharge packs for both the Repulsor Gear and Power Activators. While each one runs at $24.99, you won’t ever have to worry about changing batteries again. All you need is a basic micro USB cable to charge it nearly everywhere. I even found myself charging it once at a Starbucks right before meeting with some friends. It’s really simple to use and it’s designed perfectly that it’s really easy to forget that you ever had to switch out the batteries and not really change the look of the gear or activator itself. That is one of the most important parts, along with the huge convenience factor.


With your gear, activators and figures probably lying everywhere, PowerA also has the Playmation Avengers Lab Gear Bag that stores everything in a nice zip up bag, so you can easily keep everything together neatly which is nice since I had everything just sitting in the box before. It houses a few different pockets to store your growing collection, is easy to carry around like a backpack, and it looks great with Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America and Black Widow on the front with the Avengers logo on the back. While I like the bag, I wish there was more support since everything bounces around. I worry that the top flap’s button might open and drop some of my figures, so I walk around very carefully with it.

I highly recommend purchasing one of each of the recharge packs, as it would almost cost you to the same price as buying 12 brand name AA batteries and a battery charger. It’s a great addition to the starter kit and you won’t need a screwdriver near you.

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