Empire Magazine releases covers of Harley Quinn and Deadshot!

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We have seen the first 2 Empire covers which had both The Joker and Enchantress earlier this week, which made many fans excited about the upcoming Suicide Squad filmBut what about some other characters? Well, we now have fan-favorite Harley Quinn and Deadshot covers as well! Both covers seem to show now just their costume and weaponry, but provide a little insight into the character. In Deadshot’s cover, you can see SWAT vans that seem to be shot up, with tons of empty ammo casings all over the ground with a little bit of fire here and there. This lets the average person know that he is one violent guy who can cause tons of destruction, even against SWAT teams.

In the next cover, Harley Quinn is seen in a prison cell, which reminds us that she once worked at Arkham Asylum presumably as The Jokers’ psychiatrist. Her outfit is there, but she seems to be covered up and not overly sexy which is a common complaint among people. You can see her weapons as well, as she has a huge open mouth smile showing just how happy she is to be crazy. Clearly, she is someone who people shouldn’t underestimate.



Empire Magazine has released these awesome covers, and we are still looking for the rest of the characters, but these 4 will satisfy any fanboy’s craving. Get ready for the craziest group of villains to hit the big screen in August of 2016.

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