Agents of SHIELD latest episode shows “4,722 Hours” is a long time to be alone


As we flashback to the end of last season’s cliffhanger where we saw Jemma Simmons swallowed whole by the Monolith, and transported to a desolate planet, we recount her journey as she explores the new world, and the dangers she faced while on it. At first, Simmons does her best to maintain her composure, analyzing the planet and recognizing that it is from another galaxy. Her optimism piques as she recognizes that her fellow scientist, and shy love interest, Leo Fitz, will stop at nothing to find her and bring her back.

The episode consistently makes record of the time that goes by, as we see Simmons struggle across the terrain, while talking to herself about the restaurant she will be going to with Fitz, whether she’ll need to wear a dress, and worrying about whether or not they’ll run out of things to talk about. As time goes by, though, Simmons becomes overcome with thirst, crawling through across the sand and rock, desperately trying to make it to the top of the dune. As she reaches the peak, her face is flush with exhaustion as she sees an enormous sandstorm heading her way, engulfing the terrain that lay before her.


When she comes to, she’s covered in sand, struggling to sit up, but her countenance changes with relief as she notices a pool of water far down from the dune. She runs over, and without thinking twice, takes a big drink from the body of water, feeling life pour back into her. She makes quick work to get undressed and go for a swim, only to find that the pool has a creature deep within looking for a meal. Simmons soon finds the Sarah Connor in her, and creates a weapon out of sticks and a rock, and goes after whatever tried to eat her, so she could eat it. After pulling a Castaway by making fire, she enjoys the meal, making sure to record the experience on her phone as she’s been doing consistently since she’s been on the planet, which has been 492 hours so far, or almost 3 weeks. She continues to push on, embodying the fullness of Tom Hanks – minus the volleyball – by having food on hand, water nearby, and still recording her thoughts after a being on the planet for a month so far. In a turn of events, however, she suddenly finds that she’s not the only inhabitant on the planet.

After falling through a trap into a cavern below ground, Simmons wakes up within a type of bamboo cage, being held captive by a mysterious person. After tricking him into thinking that she was ill, Simmons attempts to make a run for it, as the mystery host finds her and takes her back before they are swallowed by another sandstorm. He then tells her his name is Will Daniels and that he was an astronaut that was sent here in 2001 with his crew through the Monolith to examine the planet. Sadly over time, his crew had all gone insane, and either killed themselves or tried to kill him, due to a malicious entity that also inhabits the planet that is preceded by the sandstorms. Simmons decides to partner with Will, in hopes that they’ll work together to find a way off the planet. He is skeptical, but Simmons is adamant that they won’t be stuck for much longer.


After four months had gone by, Simmons decides to brave the “No Fly Zone”, locating a sextant buried deep within the sand. She realizes how to their going to get off the planet: by the stars. She explains to Will that she can triangulate where the portal will show up next on the planet by following the stars and seeing how long it takes for the planet to turn on its axis. The only issue is that they’re going to need to use Will’s equipment that has been sitting on the planet for about 15 years. When asked how she plans to power up the equipment, Simmons motions to her cell phone (which apparently has the life span of a small nuclear power plant), stating that she has just enough juice to allow them to get the data they need. After being on the planet for almost 5 months, Simmons’ phone finally dies, but not before she able to get Will’s computer up and running long enough to gather information on the trajectory of the stars, triangulating where the next portal will show up.  As the duo take on the dangerous trek to find the portal, Will strapped with a gun and only one bullet, they realize that whatever evil entity lurking on the planet doesn’t want them to get off, as they find the canyon separating them from the portal larger than anticipated. They decide quickly to send a message in a bottle by air cannon, but just as Simmons’ hopes and dreams, the bottle shatters right after the portal closes, hitting the rocks and sending the message floating off in the wind. In her despair, however, Simmons finds refuge in the arms of Will, finding solace in his presence and his kisses.


After six months had passed, signs of the two becoming closer and intimate are apparent, as we see their cots placed right next to each other and sharing a kiss as they walk together while holding hands to catch a rare glimpse of the sun. After sharing a sweet moment together, talking about how her dad would’ve liked him, we catch the flicker of the flare that Fitz shoots into the air in Simmons’ eyes. She jumps up realizing that Fitz has come to rescue them and scurries to where the flare originated, with Will following behind. At the exact moment, who should arrive but the ghost of Planet X, the mysterious entity that inhabits the planet that drove Will’s team insane. Will yells for Simmons to keep going, but she doesn’t want to leave Will behind. She makes it to the top, where she hears a single shot fired. Worried she looks back, and calls for Will, but the reply isn’t Will’s voice, but Fitz. She begins to call for Fitz, as she finds him, grabbing hold of his hand. We then jump back to Fitz and Simmons back at headquarters, where Simmons mentions that she never would’ve made it without Will. Fitz, blank-faced and unsure of how to respond, ends up getting up and walking out of the room, leaving Simmons in tears. She goes after him, finding him in the lab, pleading with him to talk to her. Rustling through some papers, and a pulling up some things on the computer, Simmons finally asks what he was doing. He steps back from the computer, showing the schematic of the portal, and all his research on it. He then looks up at Simmons and tells her, “We’re going to find him.”

We jump to Will, now alone and distraught on the planet, as the sunrise that they were waiting for is occurring. He takes one look at the dispensed gun, now useless to him, and tosses it, walking discouraged as the sun sets, leaving the planet dark once again.


The episode definitely created a great picture of Simmons’ journey, allowing us to see a bit more about why she’s been acting weird lately. It had great continuity to it, not missing a beat from the ending scene last season to the glimpse we had in the season premiere of Simmons. The show is truly going to new levels, bringing in more emotion and depth to its characters. This episode didn’t really have any touches of any Marvel heroes or villains, but it is showing that great character development that Marvel has been known for in the films, and allowing their shows to finally shine in the way they have always deserved.

What did you think? Who do you think the mysterious entity is? What do you think will happen to Will? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Agents of SHIELD is on Tuesdays at 9|8c on ABC.

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