The Walking Dead NR Podcast – S6E3 ‘Thank You’ review


We’re back for another new episode of The Walking Dead. On today’s show, Mike and Robert recap last night’s episode titled, “Thank You.” Alexandria is under attack, and Rick and friends have a humongous horde of zombies following them. Who will survive tonight’s episode? What is up with Rick’s hand? Is (redacted) really dead? All this and more will be discussed on today’s show.

Episode Synopsis: A return home doesn’t go as expected. What trouble will they run into? In the aftermath of the Wolves attacking Alexandria, Rick and his group must accommodate a massive horde of walkers while trying to get back home and defend their town.

The Walking Dead airs 9/8c on AMC. Stay tuned for our Gotham, Flash and Arrow podcast. Also don’t forget that Supergirl premiers today at 8:30/7:30c on CBS.

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