Devil May Cry: 3142 Graphic Arts (review)


The Devil May Cry: 3142 graphic art book is the ultimate book for all things Devil May Cry (DMC). It is over 200 pages long and includes almost every character and villain from the iconic series. It even includes characters and references from the anime series as well. Hideaki Itsuno, who was the director of Devil May Cry, 2, 3, and 4, narrates this book from start to finish. He highlights various character sketches and models directly right in the page. He even preludes the characters from the Devil May Cry series in this 224-page book. He also has drafts that illustrate each concept art of Devil May Cry’s main protagonists of how they looked from earlier sketches, and how the character looks in its final version. The novel caps off with interviews from various designers and creators of the game. It’s no secret that this graphic art is a tribute to the loyal fans of the series and it doesn’t disappoint.


3142’s storytelling within the pages of the graphic art is very unique. In each series of the game, there is a brief overview of the story and its main protagonist. For example, Dante is given an introduction from Devil May Cry 3:

“A human-Demon Hybrid born to the legendary demon, Sparda, and a human woman. Though he hates demons with every fiber of his being, Dante is a fast-talker with a flippant attitude. Despite being young, he’s an exceptionally skilled fighter who expertly wields his father’s old longsword, Rebellion, and a pair of handguns named Ebony and Ivory. He’s committed to slaying demons wherever they may appear, but in the meantime he runs a handyman shop. Dante flourishes when hunting down demons.

This is truly special because for novice DMC fans such as myself, it can give me some common knowledge before playing the game. The story continues in its pages by Itsuno giving his insight on why he sketched certain poses for Dante. I would imagine fans of series would definitely appreciate the storytelling of this art book while being guided with each turn of the page.



The graphic art is just way too good for any fan to pass up. It showcases almost every character from the DMC series, even the weapons in the game are no exception. The “Ebony and Ivory” pistols look extremely detailed in every way imaginable. The gun’s almost look 3-D because of the high-quality illustrations. Granted, some of the concept art look as if Udon Entertainment directly imported it straight from the game (especially the PS2 versions), but that does not diminish the overall look of each sketch. The best part of the novel, however, is the illustration between the “final versions” and “rough drafts.” The comparison between the two are nicely put together. By looking at the concept art and seeing how the artists planned each version of the drawings, from idea drafts to final drafts, each piece of artwork is just beautiful to look at.


Final Reaction

Devil May Cry’s 3142 Graphic Arts book is gorgeous. Each illustration looks carefully drawn into the book itself. The models of main characters of the DMC series has a backstory while coinciding their sketches. This novel was made for the ultimate DMC fan. Even though some of the drawings looks a little out of date, that does not take away the overall appeal of each page that I turned. From Itsunao’s narration to the interviews in the end, this graphic art book is truly one for the ages.

Ratings: 5/5 Atoms


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