Interview with Assassin’s Creed Syndicate actor Victoria Atkin


Victoria Atkin is an actor known primarily for her work on British soap opera Hollyoaks. Her latest role is in the upcoming game Assassin’s Creed Syndicate where she plays the intelligent and advantageous assassin Evie Frye. We took a few minutes to ask her about her first video game role and here’s what she had to say.

Nerd Reactor: What did you know about Assassin’s Creed before you got the part?

Victoria Atkin: I knew it was a major franchise with a ton of action, that excited me.


NR: How would you describe Evie Frye in your own words?

Atkin: Evie is a headstrong but magnificent woman whose unique skills make her an iconic Assassin. Evie Frye is concerned predominately with bringing change to London for the better and helping her companions along the way.

NR: Fellow actor Paul Amos plays Evie’s twin brother Jacob. Did you guys ever get together outside of the studio to practice or build a friendship?

Atkin: Yes, Paul was very welcoming when I arrived, we spent a lot of time together outside of work during the process. He’s a fantastic chef!


NR: Considering this is your first video game role, how is it different from performing on stage or camera?

Atkin: Building the video game with the team at Ubisoft was a unique process which had a lot of differences to performing on stage and camera. For example, we had no sets, props or costumes in the motion capture studio. Lots of jumping off boxes and running around a white open space. In creating the character through my process as an actress was wholly the same. I wanted Evie to be a real woman of the time who has friends, love interests, and her own personal hopes within her era, The Industrial Revolution in Victorian England.


NR: After the motion capture and voice recordings were finished, what was it like seeing Evie Frye come to life in the game?

Atkin: It’s magical. To know that Evie is me feels very special. I am excited for the players to enjoy her adventures.

NR: Any advice you would like to give to aspiring actors reading this right now?

Atkin: Keep going. If you’re aspiring to be an actor, it of course has its own set of challenges like any other career, but it’s better to be challenged doing something you love. Your efforts do compound. You can be, do, or have anything. Trust. Believe. Love the people who tell you you can’t do it. They are your fuel.

Be sure to watch Victoria Atkin’s performance as Evie Frye play out (and play as her) when Assassin’s Creed Syndicate launches for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 23 and PC on November 19.

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