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2016 is right around the corner and 2015 brought us a handful of games, in my opinion, that we can say were memorable. Of course each year gamers wait patiently for the new IP from one of the big companies to come out and astound us all, but after a quick google search it seems like there’s a lot of sequels, thirds and even fifteenths on the horizon for 2016. Not necessarily a bad thing when you have Street Fighter, Final Fantasy and Uncharted headlining those repeats in the series, but I can’t help to wonder if they will be games that I’ll put in the memorable category.

A long time ago when I was a young kid, playing a video game for the first time was amazing simply because it was a new experience. ThingsĀ have never been done before in the gaming world. From games like Metroid to the very first Final Fantasy, these games provided new experiences that young me had never seen before, and with each new year, developers took more chances to create even more wonders for us to amaze. It seems now the giant leaps that developers once took have become small hops to entertain us.


2016 may have some gems in the ocean of repeats, that just might satiate the desire that, that gamer has for innovation without sacrificing the original ideas and concepts that made the series so great in the first place. To come out with a series next, that has a gamer really feel like it’s the next step toward something greater, something memorable. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying developers should make the next Shakespearean, revolutionary game but the game should feel like we haven’t been there done that all over again.

poke go

Potential games like Pokemon Go would be the perfect example of how you would take the core essence of a game that was already amazing and add a new spin on it to make it feel like a whole new game all over again. It’s not reinventing the wheel it simply showing you the other uses for the wheel.

Now the argument can be made that with each generation that comes around, a new gamer picks up a game, plays it for the first time, and it’s a new experience all over again. But what about the older generation who’s lived through 20 years of these experiences? And maybe have grown into the “seen it all” mode, aded from the years of repetitive games and similar concepts.

I’m looking to 2016 to be the year that a developer takes and bold chance and decides weather with an old IP or a new one he or she will develop something that somebody from all ages will look upon as the future of gaming beyond better graphics or new game mode. I feel if something like this never happens, the gaming community will be reduced to having nothing but Madden-type sequels for a very long time. This could just be the ramblings of an old mad gamer, but I sure hope it’s not, because gamers deserve games that are memorable.

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