Arrow NR Podcast – S4 E2 ‘The Candidate’ review


We’re back with an all-new podcast and an all-new episode of Arrow. Today John and Mike revisit last night’s show titled, “The Candidate” with special guest Jeri Ryan. Anarky makes his debut, Thea begins to lose control, and part of the team will attempt to bring someone back from the dead.

What are the rules regarding the Lazarus Pit? Is that the guy from “The IT Crowd”? Did we really need to go back to The Island? All this and more will be discussed on today’s podcast.

Episode Synopsis: The Green Arrow and Speedy try to protect an old Queen family friend, Jessica Danforth, when she decides to run for mayor,” reads the synopsis. “Meanwhile, Thea begins to exhibit effects from the Lazarus Pit; and Felicity faces a tough business decision and looks to one of her employees, Curtis Holt, for help.

Arrow airs 8/7c on The CW. We’ll see you next week.

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