PewDiePie teaches Stephen Colbert Swedish curse words


Last night was a big night for PewDiePie and his legion of “bros.” For the first time ever, the most subscribed Youtuber in the world appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. This was a big milestone for the Pewds and was certainly a big moment for YouTube.

PewDiePie appeared on the show to promote his recently released game, PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist, and his upcoming book, This Book Loves You. Colbert talked briefly with Felix about his rise to fame and how he was able to amass 39 million from just playing games. Probably this best segment from the interview was where PewDiePie taught Stephen some of the Swedish swear words he has been known to use in his own videos.

The interview wrapped with a montage of some of PewDiePie’s videos to show the good American people just what it is that he actually does. Funny enough, the video showed a lot of Felix’s older videos, dating back to 2012.

Still, the interview was fun to watch. You can clearly see that he was nervous and how could he not be? Judging by the crowd’s reaction when he was announced, only about a quarter of the audience really seemed to know who he was. So there still is some hurdles before YouTube stars are fully embraced in the mainstream.

You can check out a video from last night’s episode below.

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