Is Kingdom Hearts’ Riku joining Super Smash Bros?


How would you like to see Kingdom Heart’s Riku join the battle in Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS? Well, it may be happening. David Gallagher’s IMDB page reveals that he may have done some voice work for the game.


While anyone can submit information to IMDB, it usually gets verified first, giving this some credibility. While I am sure there are fans would have loved to see Sora over Riku, it’s kind of cool to think you could actually fight as Riku against characters like Link and Marth. Of course, if Riku is added it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Sora as a trophy or even as a part of Riku’s final smash, similar to Robin’s final Smash which has Chrom join him.

Another interesting piece of information also found in the most recent Super Smash Bros. patch is three new character slots and two new stage slots. Looking at three of the slots, you see Mario’s name three times which are used as placeholders. These could be three new characters that aren’t part of the Smash Ballot, which ends on October 3rd.

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Would you like to see Riku join the Super Smash Bros. roster? Imagine if there was a Riku amiibo.

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