Black Sails season 3 trailer and new poster


At the end of Black Sails Season 2, we saw Charlestown in ruin and Captain Flint exacting his revenge against Peter Ashe. With Eleanor removed from Nassau and Jack Rackham claiming the coveted Spanish Gold, season 3 aims to bring us to uncharted waters with the arrival of Blackbeard which will test everyone’s allegiance. STARZ has treated us with a new poster (see below) and trailer, showcasing the chaos that lies ahead. With the tagline “War Against The World,” the image pits Flint against his past, given that the flag of Great Britain burns behind him. A war was foretold by Flint¬†and further backed by Billy Bones after seeing the ships firsthand from the Royal Navy during his capture.

The trailer shows us a few glimpses of Edward “Blackbeard” Teach as well as a few new people. With the theme of the trailers, balances are being shifted and new alliances are being formed with everyone eyeing Nassau. We see Charles Vain and Jack Rackham sitting with the Spanish gold but also what appears to be an attempt at Vane’s life. Eleanor is also seen as both a prisoner and free and possibly allying herself with one of the new figures to reclaim Nassau. Flint also makes it clear that he is waging war against England. And lastly we see John Silver more ruthless than before by representing Flint in the only way he knows how. The Golden Age of Piracy is reaching its high point with Flint at the forefront and nothing standing in his way.

Black Sails season 3 premieres in January 2016.


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