Watch Xenoblade Chronicles X’s giant mechs in action


Nintendo UK has uploaded some live footage of Xenoblade Chronicles X in action during the EGX convention in Birmingham. In the video, we see more of the game in action as you explore the large open world map in giant mecha suits that can transform into land vehicles. (Roll out, anybody?)

The video also shows off the game’s battle system, which is similar to the first Xenoblade Chronicles and lets you activate boosts and abilities while attacking. It also features how the Wii U gamepad functions as a map. The one thing I really can’t stop enjoying is the look in the cockpit of the mech, which looks spectacular while fighting a giant enemy.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is the one Nintendo title I am looking forward to when it releases on December 4th. You can still pre-order the Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition while it lasts, which includes an art card, art cell, digital soundtrack on a USB and a copy of the game for $89.99.

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