Ryan Reynolds stole Deadpool suit from set


Deadpool officially wrapped back in May of this year, and while the merc with a mouth will hit the silver screen next year, Ryan Reynolds has been hard at work promoting the movie. During a recent interview with Wade Wilson himself, Reynolds revealed that he had waited so long for this movie to be made that he took it upon himself to keep one of the Deadpool suits from the movie.

“I loved wearing [the suit] and I have run away with one. I’ll probably get into trouble for saying that, but I’ve waited 10 years to do this movie so I’m leaving with a f***ing suit.”

Reynolds is not the first star to take a piece of their film home with them. Even Robert Downey Jr. has said that there are some key props that he “may have taken from the Iron Man movies.

It has been a long road to get Deadpool to the big screen. With the film drawing closer to its release date, looking back, Reynolds believe that it was probably for the best that the movie took so long to finally get greenlit.

“Sometimes the long game pays off. I never thought it would come to fruition, it’s been an uphill battle, but there was such an appetite for that character on screen. We did it with a relative pittance compared to most superhero films, but it really allowed us to explore the character. When you see the movie, you would think it’s a $150 million film, but actually it’s not at all.”

Deadpool hits theaters February 12, 2016.

Source: Marie Claire

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