Two Batman v Superman teasers to be released next month?


Yes, you’ve read that right. There’s a chance that we’ll be getting not one, but two teasers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. According to Heroic Hollywood, DC Entertainment is rumored to be releasing two one-minute teasers on Monday, October 26th. Here is where the fun begins, DC is planning to release a 1-minute Superman-centric teaser during an episode of CBS’s “Supergirl.” That same night at Fox, “Gotham” will be airing the 1-minute Batman-centric teaser. I guess “Gotham” and “Supergirl” airing on the same night is a blessing for Warner Bros, at least for that one night.


The two teaser will all lead up to the full-length trailer which will be released in November before Creed. There’s also a chance that the trailer will run before SPECTRE or The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II.

Pretty cool rumor right? What do you think?

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice battle in theaters on March 25, 2016.

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