TouhouCon 2015 Coverage and Photos


Touhoucon once again comes to sunny Southern California to celebrate all things touhou and Japanese subculture. The second year con moved across the street from the Marriott to the Anaheim Hilton and an expanded show floor.

For those that are in the dark about Touhou, it is a series of shoot em’ up computer games created by a single individual named ZUN. It’s been around for over 20 years and regularly is one of the most popular showings at Comiket, Japanese largest fan convention.

Compared to their previous year, TouhouCon sports an impressive guest lineup of creators from the touhou dojin scene that includes musical talent TAM, nomico, Akai Ryuusei, REDALiCE, marasy, ARM, Yuuhei Satellite and Minoshima Masaysohi. Along with them are talented artists such as Banpai Akira, Shinoasa, Sunao, Kozou and Ideolo. Even Takahiro Hojo, president of the largest Touhou convention in Japan, Reiseitai, was in attendance interacting with fans. While not Touhou-related, famed Metal Gear Solid composer and vocalist, Rika Muranaka made an appearance!


I was surprised to find out that many of the attendees came from outside of the country as well that includes Japan and France to name a few. Many people dressed up as their favorite characters from the series and share their love for the phenomenally popular Japanese indie.

The artist alley and Exhibit hall shared a ballroom on its own that included reputable vendors like Good Smile Company, ABCToys, and Attack the Music just to name a few. The layout of the convention was easy to navigate and had a nice steady flow of traffic throughout the weekend. My personal favorite event of the convention was the marasy concert, whom I got to the legendary pianist play live. (Photos were not allowed! Sorry!)
Overall, Touhoucon improved greatly from last year and the general consensus seemed to be a success. Here’s hoping next year will be even better!

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