Ridley Scott reveals title for ‘Prometheus’ sequel, and that he’s losing his memory?


I haven’t read much lately about what’s been going on with the Alien franchise and the confusion surrounding Ridley Scott’s comments about the upcoming Prometheus films, but I think I know how Ellen Ripley felt when she looked at the crew, and said, “Did IQs just drop sharply while I was away?”

While promoting his latest film The Martian, Scott told Film Futter, a German movie site, that the Prometheus series would result in explaining the origins of the Alien universe, but that it wouldn’t be in the upcoming sequel. More than likely, the origin story, according to Scott, won’t be fully revealed until the third, or even fourth installment in the series. So despite all the varied reactions towards the first film, the decision to press forward with not just one sequel, but possibly three, seems to be written in stone. So that’s that, right? Well…

I guess Ridley Scott is having a sort of lapse in his memory, because today the folks over at Hey U Guys posted an exclusive interview with the man, himself, and asked the same questions that pretty much every reporter is asking Scott about the films. The problem is, Scott isn’t giving the same answers. When asked about how the Prometheus series will connect to the Alien franchise, Scott answered by saying, “Well, actually it’s really going to be called Alien: Paradise Lost. So Prometheus 2 is not really going to be. It’s going to be Alien: Paradise Lost.”

So, either he forgot to mention that the series won’t connect to Alien until the third or fourth installment, minus the fact that the title of the second film has the word “alien” in it, or he’s changing it up as he’s going along. Who knows?


Either way, this film is giving me a headache, as much as the first Prometheus did, and it’s not even out yet. We have a title for the sequel film, Alien: Paradise Lost, which is currently scheduled for a 2017 release. The question is, how much will we be left scratching our heads at the end of this one? Who knows, but I do know one thing: I need an aspirin.

What do you think of the revealed title? How do you feel about the franchise so far? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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