Video game voice actors might be going on strike


In case you missed it, social media has exploded with everyone’s favorite voice actors calling for a strike for better conditions and better pay. The SAG-AFTRA, the union that represents voice actors in film, television and games, are attempting to agree on a set of contract terms that would create performance bonuses, provide stunt coordinators for motion capture sessions, extra pay for stunt work and compensation for ‘vocal stress.’ In movies and TV, when an actor finishes a show and that show goes into syndication for many years, the actors still get a residual check for that work. The same can not be said for video game voice actors. The new contract was written to give voice actors those same benefits, but the proposal was ultimately declined by producers from EA Games, Activision, Disney, Warner Bros, and other studios.

Now many of the top figures in the industry are voting for a strike. Everyone from Steve Blum to Tara Strong has posted on social media using the hashtag #PerformanceMatters to bring awareness to the cause. Asking fans to retweet their post to spread the word that video game performances are just as important as TV and film.

If the vote goes through for the strike, that means all voice work on every video game will be brought to a halt. Stay tuned while this story continues to develop.

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