New ‘Death Note’ movie announced for 2016

Death Note 2016

It’s hard to believe that it has been almost nine years since the original run of the hit manga Death Note, written and illustrated by Tsugumi Ohba. The series spawned a successful animated series, as well as two full-length live-action movies. Two films were widely successful. So much so, Hollywood has taken an interest in remaking the films for US audiences. Recently, it has just been announced that a there will finally be a new Death Note movie come 2016.

The film will take place after the events of Death Note: Last Name and will feature a totally original story, separate from the manga or the anime.

Set in 2016, there exists an information society of the highest order that frequently unleashes cyberterrorism on the world. New characters who inherited the DNA of Light Yagami and L will appear in the film. What they inherited and how will be revealed in the story. We also don’t know which of the two, has a Death Note. Expect a new fight to unfold over the Death Notes. The movie also has a worldwide scope and will be filmed in overseas locations.

It appears that the film will include “Six-Note Rule” from the original source. The rule states, “Only six Death Notes can exist in the human world at the same time. Of course, this doesn’t include the Death Notes owned by the Shinigami. Therefore, by way of bestowing them to humans, no more than six Shinigami can exist in the human world.” So far, no other adaption of the manga has ever used this key point as part of any story.

There is not a lot of information on the film at this time, but the teaser that was released for the film’s announcement did have some keywords that appear to hint at what could be in store for fans; “Light Yagami, Rebirth,” “L’s Successor,” “Misa Amane,” “Shinigami’s Eyes,” and “Note’s Seal.”

Not casting has been announced yet, but Shinsuke Sato has been revealed as the film’s director. Shinsuke Sato directed the live-action version of Gantz and Toshokan Sensō.

You can check out the full announcement video below.

Source: Otaku Mode

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