Nissan replies to Facebook user’s snide comment in Klingon

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Welcome to the age of the Internet, where everybody has the opportunity to contact celebrities and companies via social media. Sometimes a comment can be encouraging, and sometimes they can be rude. Recently, Stephen Amell, the star of The CW’s Arrow, was attacked by his fans for his comment on the Muslim kid being arrested news. Now this is a bad way to use social media. Let’s look at exhibit B and see how one can use social media in a good way.

In a recent Facebook post by the Nissan, a user made a snide comment involving Klingons, and I have to hand it to the Nissan team for coming up with a response in the Klingon language. Check out the interaction below.

Nissan posted the following:

“Bridging spacetime to bring you the galaxy’s most stylish midsize sedan. Photo: Rob Ferri #RideTheLight #Nissan #Altima”

A Facebook user then replied with, “I beg to differ, Nissan. The Klingons are in our galaxy and I like their sedans much better.”

That’s when Nissan unleashed the power of the Klingon language:

“tlhInganpu’ luquvmoH tlhIngn Duj pu’jInmey, ‘ach tera’ngan ‘Full Size’ puH DujlIj rur toQDuj. vagh raQpo’pu’ ngaSlaH Altima ‘ej wa’maH cha’ raQpo’pu’ ngaSlaH toQDuj,” said Kelly, Nissan Community Manager.

Don’t worry, thanks to our Klingon translator, this is what the message said:

“Much honor the Klingons bring to their ship design. But the Bird of Prey would be like your human ‘full-size’ transports as the Altima seats 5 and the Bird of Prey seats 12.”

And here’s the direct translation with Klingon grammar (I didn’t even know that was a thing): “Klingon designs bring honor to the Klingons, but the Bird of Prey resembles your Earthling “Full Size” land ship. The Altima can contain 5 passengers and the Bird of Prey can contain 12 passengers.”


Source: Nissan’s Facebook Page

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  • TenDeuChen

    Klingon word order is OSV (Object-Subject-Verb), so with Klingon grammar, I would imagine it should be something much more like: “Honor to the Klingons Klingon designs bring, but your Earthling “Full Size” land ship the Bird of Prey resembles. 5 passengers the Altima contain can and 12 passengers the Bird of Prey contain can.”

    • Robyn Stewart

      bIlughbe’. You are wrong. Klingon word order is OVS–object verb
      subject. The only errors in the Klingon response are a typo omitting the a in , and that the prefix has been used on a verb with a third person plural subject and object. The prefix is for a third person plural subject with a third person singular object, and that error was the result of two alternate translations being combined.

      Nissan consulted experts to craft their response, and they brought honour to themselves.

      – Qov