Cosplaying for the first time at SacAnime’s 2015 winter show

Time stood still as the flashing lights surrounded us. Everyone focused their undivided attention upon us while we held a strong pose. Grunting as our childhood dreams came to fruition, the feeling was like nothing I’ve ever felt before. For the first time in my life I felt cool; unashamed, maybe it was cool being a nerd. I didn’t have to forecast my own public appearance into something I wasn’t. In a place where I felt like I belonged, I belonged. I cosplayed as the Blue Ranger in Space Power Ranger.

The anxiety and the excitement captivated me. I knew the enormous amount of pressure was getting to me. I never thought I would do something to this extent. For a long time I never quite understood why people cosplayed at these conventions. At times, I even laughed under my own breath. As being a major nerd myself, playing video games and watching Power Rangers growing up was as far as I was willing to go. As many things, and as the social media era has bestowed upon us, cosplaying was becoming a social norm.

As I saw my best friend cosplaying as the original Red Power Ranger, I felt it was okay to do so. The appraisal he was getting from conventions was tremendous. He was almost looked as a local hero. People would come by and say hello, kids would take pictures with him, and he would enjoy every minute of it. Finally, I knew it was time to come out of my shell and join my best friend not as a Power Ranger, but as a man in a blue suit in the form of freedom of expression.

I stepped onto the cosplay floor at SacAnime, and the positive environment really made me appreciate how cosplaying is becoming an art form. In similarities to our natural rights, freedom of speech was something every cosplayer was and is still expressing at every convention. I too belong in a crowd where cosplaying was becoming bigger than our own selves.

The cameras went off and I felt honored about how cosplaying came such a long way. My experiences at SacAnime was simply majestic. I got to dress up and hang out with my friends and talk about things that we love. People wanted to join us and they related to us, in a way where it might be hard for them to do so at the grocery store, or at the bank. However, during SacAnime everyone felt in place.

I walked confidently around the vendors as we strongly posed synchronously. I felt proud, happy, and extremely passionate about what we were doing. Giving another form of entertainment to the fans at these conventions just really made me feel good about myself. I saw a different side of the ‘geek life’ that I probably wouldn’t have seen if I wore my regular street clothes. And it was a great experience and lesson learned.

Cosplaying at SacAnime was a first for me, but I can definitely tell you guys that it will certainly not be my last. Maybe being a Power Ranger might have been my last. Maybe I’ll cosplay at other conventions as well. Nevertheless, this life that I grew up with has finally become a forgotten dream of mine that I was actually living in. Oh, the stories that I will tell to my future self. This one is for all the players.

Photo Credits: G33k-hq


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