Sneak peek into The Big Bang Theory season 9

Big Bang Theory Season 9 x1

The new Big Bang Theory season is coming up, and although many people have a bone to pick with the show, I personally adore it!

However, seeing as season nine is soon to make its debut, THR have released a few photos, giving us a few sneak peeks into what we can expect in the coming weeks!

Our new season picks up in Vegas, where we see Penny and Leonard finally tying the knot. Leonard, as well as the rest of us, has been waiting for this for the longest time. Am I right, or am I right? However, after Penny finds out about Leonard kissing another girl while on his sea expedition, puts her in shock. Might of helped to tell her before the big day, eh?

Big Bang Theory Season 9 x 2

Season 9 is about figuring things out, seeing how things work, and focusing on the future opposed to the past. We have Sheldon, who isn’t entirely okay with Leonard not being around 24/7, but Leonard obviously needs to move on and not just see his wife once a week! Their friendship is also still in limbo due to their shared scientific discovery last season.

So yes, this upcoming whirlwind of a season has a lot of questions that need to be answered. Which, in my opinion, is going to be exciting to see things play out they way they do. It has been nearly eigh seasons of Leonard and Penny going back and forth. I’m pretty stoked to see them finally make it “official”.

Check out the preview below!

The Big Bang Theory season nine premieres Monday, September 21st at 8 PM!

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