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The newest game from Avalanche Studios and WB Games, Mad Max takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland in the world of Mad Max. The game has great graphics and in-depth game immersion, but it may not be for everyone.


  • Graphics
  • In-depth game immersion
  • Open world
  • Stays true to the Mad Max universe while not limiting its audience to only those that have seen the movies

The in-depth game immersion really makes you think like you would in a post-apocalyptic situation. The car that you drive has limited fuel, which means you can’t just go crazy like in GTA, but instead have to think about your fuel level. If you run out, then you hoof it till you find gas to bring back to your car, which in an open world game, may take some time. You can carry an extra can of gas in the back of your car, but you are limited to the one – at least in the beginning. You also must consume water and/or food to regain health. And like in the real world, your canteen can only hold so much, so you must also search for water sources throughout the wasteland.

Mad Max looks gorgeous. The graphics are so great. You can see every weird mutation the characters have in HD quality. The scenery looks extremely detailed and the characters have realistic features. The open world is great for exploring and finding salvage, while contributing to the game immersion allowing you make your own choices in where to go and how to get there. Plus, nothing is more frustrating then trying to go to a place in the game and hitting that invisible “wall”.

The game definitely stays true to the Mad Max lore when it comes to why the world is the way it is and the character history of Mad Max himself, which is explained in the beginning credits. However, since everything is explained, the game does not rely on the player having seen the movies. Although there may be some movie references that the player may not understand, it does not make the game unplayable or cause confusion.


  • Lots of grinding
  • Repetitive missions
  • Similar to other games, just with a different skin

One of the most frustrating things I found about this game is the seemingly ending grind to get salvage for upgrades. Of course some of it is optional, but to get the most out of the car and your gear, it is best to do as much as you can. While it does contribute the impressiveness of the game and it may not be a big deal to some, I personally am over the grind to upgrade or craft new gear. I think there might be other ways to get new gear, or upgrade the gear you have, such as once you level up a certain amount or gain enough XP your mechanic has an upgrade ready.

The missions themselves seem pretty repetitive. The whole time I played I was going from point A to point B, fighting the same type of bad guys doing the same type of goals – getting more salvage to upgrade the car. When you aren’t collecting salvage then you are invading bases and claiming them as yours or you are making allies with bases. Each base has its own set of achievements to accomplish that end with more upgrades to equipment or your car. The end goal for Mad Max is to get a car that is fast and strong enough to get to survive the wasteland, so I suppose it does make sense, but it does cause repetitiveness. Missions may change as you progress throughout the game, however the beginning of the game is supposed to hook you and repetitiveness right off the bat may be a turn off to some.

Lastly, the gameplay and mechanics seem like they are combination of so many games that are out now or have come out in recent years. The melee combat is almost identical to games like Arkham Knight. The upgrade and crafting structure are like Tomb Raider. The grinding aspect is like so many games before (yeah, I’m looking at you Destiny). I realize that in this day and age it may be difficult to come up with a totally original game, but it is disconcerting when it is so similar to games that are out now.

Final Reaction

This game has some excellent pros that a lot of gamers look for: game immersivness, open world, and it looks pretty. However the cons should not be ignored. Repetitive gameplay and a consistent grind could be deal breakers for some. Those that are fans of the Mad Max movies should not be disappointed and may be able to look past some of the cons that I mentioned. While I wouldn’t recommend you rush out buy it, renting it and seeing for yourself is something I can get behind.

Rating: 3/5 Atoms
NR 3 Atoms - C

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