Is Finn really a Jedi in Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

Last week we were given a big surprise that gave us a nice tease to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The teaser trailer had Kylo Ren walking in a forest and pulling out his crossguard lightsaber, ready for battle. What we didn’t know was who he was ready to face, but now we do. He is about to face Finn, who appears to be more than just an ordinary stormtrooper. With the D23 Expo poster of Finn holding a blue lightsaber and now new footage of Finn ready to battle with the same lightsaber, is Finn really a Jedi? The clues from what we’ve seen indicate that, but there are also a few that indicate he isn’t a Jedi.

In a recent article with Empire, JJ Abrams had dropped some details about our villain Kylo Ren:

“Kylo Ren is not a Sith. He works under Supreme Leader Snoke, who is a powerful figure on the Dark Side of the Force.”

Many fans have already speculated that Kylo Ren isn’t a Sith lord, one clue being he doesn’t hold the title of Darth. Maul, Tyranus (Count Dooku), Sidious (Palpatine), and Vader have all held Darth in the film series. With that, the red lightsaber has been a trademark for Sith lords long before Vader and Sidious are recognized as a mark of a dark member of the force. Kylo Ren holding a red saber indicates his allegiance to the dark side, but also notes that Sith and Jedi aren’t the only ones who use lightsabers for battle.

Both Jedi and Sith have the advantage of using the force to help guide them in battle, so it’s uncertain if both Kylo Ren and Finn wield the power of the force since no footage of either has been shown yet. That doesn’t stop both from wielding the lightsabers for action. Since Episode 6, it’s possible the Sith have fallen and we don’t know for certain if the Jedi have truly been brought back in the time gap between 6 and 7. Without either side training individuals the ways of the Force, good or bad, it’s entirely possible that lightsabers could’ve been slowly reaching people from scavengers, especially since hundreds, if not thousands, of Jedi were killed at the hands of Darth Vader and Darth Sidious. Which brings us to Finn’s lightsaber.


Many have already spotted this detail, but Finn is clearly seen using Luke’s lightsaber, which also belonged to Anakin/Darth Vader. Just exactly how he ends up with it remains a mystery, considering one section of the trailer shows it changing hands between two female characters and the new clip shows Finn ready to battle. Is it possible that Finn accidentally ran into Kylo Ren and his only choice of weapon was a lightsaber? Perhaps, but keep in mind than Finn at one point was a stormtrooper possibly on Kylo Ren’s side, and eventually is helped by Rey and even winds up with Luke’s lightsaber. These details lay a path to what Finn may eventually become, the same as how Luke eventually became a Jedi and brought them back against the Sith. He could be a Jedi in training, given this quote from the second trailer:

“The force is strong in my family. My father has it, I have it, my sister has it… You have that power too…”

We don’t know who Luke is talking to, and it’s entirely possible he’s talking to Finn. The force inside him could be what has kept him alive while he fled the stormtroopers and his battle with Kylo Ren. Wielding the lightsaber for battle could be one of the many tests that Finn faces in his journey to becoming a Jedi, or it can be entirely coincidental that he has Luke’s lightsaber when facing Kylo Ren. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is only a few months away so it’s only a matter of time until we see what JJ Abrams has in store for us.

What are your thoughts on my theory? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below!

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  • DannyP

    I think Kylo Ren does have the Force because in the second teaser there’s a shot of him turning and making a hand gesture like he’s using the force

    • Zachary Baxter

      Jesse Helms ad a secret black child no one new about either!

  • Migeulito

    No, just no. A whole family of white Skywalkers and all of a sudden out pops a black one? He’s definitely a main character and an important one, but it stands to reason that Rey would be the younger Skywalker, not Finn. Look at the posters. She’s the one that stands out the most, she’s front and center, bigger than all the rest. You don’t do that in marketing for a secondary character. As many others have pointed out, holding a lightsaber does not make one a jedi.

  • Migeulito

    No, just no. A whole family of white Skywalkers and all of a sudden out pops a black one? He’s definitely a main character and an important one, but it stands to reason that Rey would be the younger Skywalker, not Finn. Look at the posters. She’s the one that stands out the most, she’s front and center, bigger than all the rest. You don’t do that in marketing for a secondary character. As many others have pointed out, holding a lightsaber does not make one a jedi.

    • Chris Ferguson

      Confirmation bias is in full play when it comes to the characters of Finn and Rey. What do you think is meant when it is said by Boyega that JJ told him that he was “the” star of the movie?

    • Sage Rhyme

      Rey is Luke’s descendant, I’m venturing to say that Boyega is Han’s son, because the OFFICIAL CANNON DISNEY COMIC says he had a black wife named Sana Solo before Leia. [Issue 6 of the new star wars comic by Marvel.] Finn is most likely Finn Solo, and just because his dad wasn’t a jedi, doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be a force sensitive. I mean clearly the force is with Han, whether or not he’s sensitive to it, it definitely looks out for him, especially since he’s so intertwined with the strongest force users in the galaxy. I think it would be good story telling if Sana was really Sana Windu, a relative to Mace, unbeknownst to Han. Or maybe Mace never died, we didn’t see his body, Luke got tortured the same way with the lightning, and we’ve never seen a jedi fall to death. It could very well be Finn Windu.

      There is also direct parallels in the costuming when comparing Han with Finn, they both have this smuggler look to them, leather jackets and such, while Rey clearly sports more Luke style clothing.

      They are both Jedi. If Finn wasn’t a jedi or force sensitive, he’d stand no chance against Kylo who IS a darkside force user who IS trained and who built is own Light Saber, which can only be done with force knowledge.

      This whole Kylo isn’t sith thing, is like JJ saying the villain wasn’t Khan. It’s like saying the First Order ISN’T the imperial empire, it clearly is, it’s just not known as the empire anymore, and it’s clearly running under the command of Darkside users — which are the sith.

      It’s my understanding that Finn will play the Jedi Knight while Rey will play the Jedi Consular of these films.

      In the original Trilogy, Luke was both, the Consular and the Knight rolled into one, since the rest of the jedi were extinct. Yoda is a Master, Ben was a Consular, while Anakin was a Knight.

      Knights are combat trained, Consular’s are peace users who excel in manipulating the force. Knights have better saber skills, consular’s have better mastery of the force. A consular can force push you through a mountain, a knight can flip through the air acrobatically while dodging blaster fire and cut a dozen guys down before they land.

      Finn is going to be our sword fighting champion, while Rey is going to be the Jedi mind trick user, force push master, maybe even using the powers of the force to heal persons.

      I’m still waiting for a movie to introduce the Uber-Jedi, which is a Jedi who has mastered both the Light AND Darkside of the force and has the ability to control themselves with Jedi like precision. Kyle Katarn in the extended universe was an Uber-Jedi, I figure — this is going to happen in Episode 10-12.

      However it turns out, I think it’s clear that Finn is a Jedi, and we have leaked footage showing Rey use the force. No normal human who isn’t trained in the ways of the force can take on a Darkside user who built their own saber in a saber duel.

      The lightsaber in the trailer was being handed to a woman too, which leads me to believe it was given to Rey, who then gives it to Finn because she doesn’t want to be a Jedi.

      Kylo Ren is collecting Vader artifacts, so it stands to reason he’s after this specific saber, since it was originally built by Anakin before being handed down to luke, before he replaced it with his green one in Return of the Jedi.

      He has to be sensitive of the force to be finding force artifacts. And clearly Kylo is the weapon of the First Order, which is essentially the Darth sans the name of the analog empire.

      Kylo is probably Rey’s brother, both of which are likely Skywalkers.

      Anakin was to bring Balance to the force, Obi-Wan thought this meant peace, Yoda accurately corrects him by saying the prophecy was misunderstood. Anakin had children, their children become both Light and Darkside users, thereforby, balance to the force was brought by Anakin, fulfilling the prophecy.

      Peace won’t happen until a single jedi masters both sides, light and dark, because the ultimate balance is one, not one of each — the Uber Jedi is going to be the end game of the next 6 movies, mark my words.

      • Kenneth Masters

        You are basing who is a Jedi or Skywalker based off of poster placement. Well in ALL poster placements now and for the toys (go to your local toys r us). Guess who is holding the lightsaber?

        Finn. Disney isn’t trying to fool you and revealing little. But they aren’t going to start putting Finn holdng lightsabers on posters (there’s none currently of Rey holding anything but her spear) and he’s just going to be weilding a lightsaber for 5 mins.

        Is he a Solo or Skywalker? Who knows. Your theory about the comics and Solo’s original wife is a good one. But we’ll have to wait and see!

        • Billcimus098

          It’s not only Luke’s family that are force sensitive. Do we even know that ANY of the original cast had any offspring?

          Finn is going to be Luke’s new apprentice.

          One thing that pleases me is the look of these Sith, or Sith wannabes. It’s almost as if they have been playing the Bioware Star Wars games and lifted out a Sith from those times.

          My concern is JJ Abrahams, that chap really seems to struggle with making 2 hours of coherent and cohesive story telling.

          • If that is true, why is Daisy Ridley shooting alone with MArk Hammil on Skellig Island?

        • Declan Gallagher

          That is no spear…..that’s a staff and also looks exactly the same to the staff darth plagouis has on the action figures, now she is a scavenger….maybe she found that…she seams pretty attached to it from the trailers, im sure that staff has somthing to do with the movie. The alingment of her on the poster with the staff and Kylo rens lightsaber….i dunno maybe im looking to much in to it

          • Declan Gallagher

            And i do also think, its rey who will be the jedi its in her blood…maybe finn will also be trained but I mean he is no jedi in this film not a chance.

          • Raymond Marshall

            i think there will be more than one jedi lol there is teh THE jedi….there are many JEDI

          • Declan Gallagher

            did you not see the other films lol….Luke is the last of the jedi….unless of course he has been training jedi in the 30 years…which i think he has and they are the knights of ren. Then Kylo ren goes to the dark side….rey is the only force sensitive character apart from luke and kylo ren and snoke and lelia. But Luke is the last of the Jedi.

          • Nate Blank

            Its a gun, but she wields it like a Jedi.

          • adam martin

            That’s staff only popped up once with Plagouis. Not counting it out 100% but probably more like the old Droids staff that allows it to hold up in a fight with a lightsaber. Would be cool to see her with a double bladed yellow saber and be more of a consular jedi. They are the ones who aren’t afraid to use Tech.

      • Gambit8585

        Anakin did bring balance, as he destroyed the sith. Balance does not mean equal parts dark and light. It means light prevails, peace. Sorry dude, you can live in your pc dreamworld, but the prophecy was correct, qui-gon was correct, and the sith were destroyed by the chosen one.

        • Pdubz Blanco

          He did bring balance to the force. Anakin got rid of so many Jedi with Darth Sidious there there were an equal amount of light and dark side users by the time A New Hope started.

      • Raymond Marshall

        noooooo rey is the child of han and leia and finn is just a force sensitive

        • Wruce Bayne

          finn is lando’s son or windu’s descendants

      • George F.

        Just to point out Finn was established as force sensitive twice. Once in the village massacre and once when he heard a “as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced” when the big weapon fired.

    • Daniel Quirini

      I agree completely. After seeing the 3rd preview I was thinking no way Disney made this Finn guy a descendant of all white Skywalkers. It makes no sense at all. I like the Star Wars universe but I am by no means an expert on this subject, but everything I’ve read or viewed about the Skywalkers is that they are white. I’m by no means saying that people of color can not be jedi. Prime example is ( in my opinion one of the best actor’s ever) Samuel L Jacksons roll ( forgot his name in the movie). Maybe it’s his kid. But I think Rey is the jedi in this film and Finn has a sense of the force. The blue light saber I’m not reading to much into this. But if I had to make a guess Rey might be teaching Finn the way of the force.

      • Tee Willis

        Mace windu was his name

      • nick

        no way could it be mace windu kid, bc even if he was baby he be same age as luke lol

      • Raymond Marshall

        why do you have to be a skiywalker to be a jedi….

        • Marcus Bundgaard


          Han Solo and Leia Organa had a child named Ben Solo. (Kylo Ren)

    • Zachary Baxter

      Jesse Helms had a secret black child no one knew about either, and that happened in “REAL” life, not make believe!

      • Billcimus098

        You can’t argue with genetics. I’m assuming Helms is white? Then that means mixed-raced child, not a black or white child.

        However, I do wonder why all these people seem to start with the premise that Finn MUST be related to the Skywalker line. Why does he have to have anything to do with them? There are force sensitive people all over the galaxy.

        • Zachary Baxter

          Good point!

        • Phillip Sugg

          There are lots of people of mixed racial heritage that come out looking like someone of non-mixed heritage. Finn could very well be a Skywalker, though I don’t think that really fits into this story at all. Just because his skin is dark doesn’t mean both of his parents had dark skin as well. Genetics can be funny like that.

          • Raymond Marshall

            finn is not a skywalker or solo period

    • Brennan

      Dude Finn is a Jedi not Rey it makes no sense to trick us, it’s like someday we will look back and say “oh yeah that guys looked like a Jedi but they stole his spot and gave it to the girl” I want Finn to be a jedi

      • Raymond Marshall

        rey is a jedi she is a skywalker and finn may be a jedi too

        • Chris

          Good call man, I was thinking the same thing myself as you can tell from my earlier comments.

    • She never is seen holding a light saber. The simplest explanation from the two trailers is that Finn is a Jedi (most likely in training like Luke was initially). His relationship to the white Skywalkers is unknown. Obviously Kylo Ren could be Luke’s kid.

    • Raymond Marshall

      rey is the a solo/skywalker ….but to be a jedi you don’t have to be a solo/skywalkier
      what is this idea that there has to be one jedi??? we KNOW Rey is a jedi

  • Kenneth Masters

    He’s now in the posters wielding the lightsaber. Disney doesn’t usually pull M. Night Shylaman twist and reveal stuff like that if he isn’t going to be wielding the lightsaber in the movie. Sorry to disappoint all the people who were hoping it was Rey or the babies of Han and Leia like the old cannon. I think the line “the force is strong in my family.” threw a lot of people off thinking Luke was talking to a relative. But it seems as if he is talking to someone that he isn’t related too with that line “you have that power too”

    • Zachary Baxter

      There’s going to be a lot of heads exploding if this kid(Finn) turns out to be a jedi!

    • Nate Blank

      General Grievous wielded four of them and he was no Jedi.

    • Raymond Marshall

      it is rey silly just cause finn is holding the lightaer does not mean rey is not a jedi….why does there have to be one jed9i and why does the jedi have to be related to a skywalker

  • i think Rey is the Jedi heir apparent. I don’t think Finn is a Jedi at all.
    That staff will quickly become a double bladed saber which is hinted at in the new poster.

    When Finn is seen with the saber in the forest he’s just happens to be carrying Luke’s, and ignites it recklessly when Kylo arrives on the scene, only to be rescued by Rey.

    It makes no sense to shoe horn in a black guy being of Skywalker or Solo lineage.

    Rey is a Skywalker.
    Kylo is a Skywalker or a child of Leia/Solo

    • Chris

      Well Finn could just be a Jedi unrelated to solos or Skywalkers. I think from a narrative point of view based on what would make a good story arc and connect with the fans, yes someone has to be related to Skywalkers or solo and that someone would probably be a Jedi. According to the lore of star wars though, anyone could be a Jedi.

    • Tee Willis

      Ok so let me point this out no finn is not related to a skywalker but does not mean he is or isnt a jedi also the skywalkers are not the only jedi there are,planety who are force senstive but may never trained in the ways of the force and never learn how to use or control their power and and manipulate the force remeber vader was born with out a father mace windu was not a skywalker nor yoda and some others

    • Raymond Marshall

      i agree exce[pt the party about finn not being a jedi at all

  • Butch Deloria

    How can Finn be wielding Luke’s blue lightsaber, which plummeted to the core of Cloud City in Empire Strikes Back?

    • Billcimus098

      It’s STAR WARS.

    • Roy Williams

      His dad the administrator of Cloud City gave it to him. (I’m just joking)

      • 42tribes

        I think his dad is actually Lando because JJ hinted at Finn’s last name. Finn can’t be half white. He is too dark skin to be Han’s son. Finn is a Calrissian who probably found the lightsaber and kept it.

      • adam martin

        I think that is entirely possible. We do know it was found and we know the Knights of Ren are some serious fanboys for anything Skywalker.

  • Nheil Makar

    I believe Kylo Ren has force powers too although he may not have the title of Darth he may be a force adept because in the teaser he was seen doing a force gesture could have been a force push or force choke on the other hand Finn may also be trained in the Jedi arts by the way he handled Luke’s saber he seemed calm in doing so which gives the impression that he is familiar in handling or in using the said saber.

  • Nheil Makar

    In my opinion Rey may be Han and Leia’s daughter she said ” The force is calling you etc.” she may have been speaking to Rey at that time.

  • Chris

    I think Rey is probably a Jedi for several reasons.1. Her story is the closest parallel of both Luke and Anakin (kid in a desert planet with missing parent(s), wishing they could leave and do more with their lives). 2. She displays a physicality that is somewhat necessary clue that they are Jedi (wielding a staff, swinging around wires in baddass abandoned destroyer). 3. Her parentage is a mystery, and basically someone has to be the kid of either Luke or Liea, right? 4. The 3rd trailer seems to sneakily clue us that she is a jedi. It begins with Lupita’s character asking Rey, who are you? She replies, “I’m nobody”. Then in the very last scene of the ad, Lupita – seemingly in the same conversation, says “The force is calling to you. Just let it in.” I think that it is very likely that she is still speaking with Rey when she says this and that by separating the lines between the very beginning and ending, JJ thinks he’s not giving to much away. If those lines were back to back, it would definitely seem like she was telling Rey that she was a Jedi. 5. The producer said she wanted more strong/prominent female roles. Nothing is a stronger role than being a new Jedi/protagonist.

    Now Finn is a trickier question IMO, but I think he may be a Jedi as well. 1. You’d think it was obvious that he is the next Jedi – he’s on the poster for goodness sake! And yes, that the single strongest indicator, because as much as I love plot twists, I think that JJ is reserving Rey’s identity and force sensitivity as a bigger reveal than Finn. 2. I think Finn teamed up with Rey and got his hands on Anakin and Luke’s old lightsaber the same way the a lot of things happen in the Star Wars story lines – a twist of fate. 3. It makes sense for him to have Luke’s lightsaber even if Rey was a Jedi and related to Luke, because she’ll probably end up making her own staff version in the next film, which would be a cool reveal. 4. Finn’s parentage is a secret so he may be related to someone like Mace Windu or something, which would answer a lot of questions. 5. The scene with Finn fighting against Kylo – he would not last five seconds if he didn’t have forces sensitivity against an (undoubtably) force sensitive opponent, which means he would have to be rescued right away from someone in that spooky empty looking forest or survive on his own skill and luck, or be captured if not killed. All of these are possibilities. 6. What would be his purpose in the film if he wasn’t a Jedi? Everyone has to be something – a pilot, a princess, a smuggler, a rebel commander, an evil general or spy, etc…

    Reasons why I doubt he is a Jedi: 1. For one thing he gets shot down early in the movie (not very smooth for a force sensitive – though of course Luke got owned by those sand dudes in a new hope). 2. He always looks like a fish out of water, which makes it harder to take him seriously. 3. He wields a lightsaber but does not look too steady, and when did he get time to learn to use it well enough to contend with Kylo? Even if he was force sensitive, I think he would be screwed, for lack of experience, so he’ll need to be rescued one way or another (probably, but maybe the force intuition takes over?). While the trailer 3 sets it up as he is the new Jedi (harrison ford’s voice over says “a Jedi” as it shows Finn on screen), this could be a balsy red herring to hide a bigger reveal of Rey, but that seems like a stretch.

    So my conclusion is that they are both probably Jedi.

    • Packie

      great job i enjoyed your post . I have a had a feeling since the first trailer that may be both are

      • Chris

        Thanks, bud.

    • Hfxhooligan


      Force sensitive Luke got shot down on Hoth, crashes on Dagobah, crashed his speeder bike on Endor.
      It doesn’t seem the force enhances pilot/driving skills to the point of preventing crashes.

      Most of the opposition to Finn being Jedi seems race based, which considering the number of non –human alien Jedi, is a rather striking observation.

      I suspect if Finn was obviously alien rather than human , his Force potential would be less problematic for caucasian fans.

      • Chris

        Yeah race schmace I’ve heard it al. Some people probably genuinely feel that way I’m sure, but lets not make this a bigger deal than it should be. For one thing – everyone liked Mace Windu, Lando, and Vader’s voice. We can all agree on that.

        Anyhow, its not shocking that people are a bit surprised to see that he is the next Jedi – ostensibly the next “luke” or “anakin”. We know nothing about him, except he’s some storm trooper – who already sort of evoke ineffectual, poor marksmen – sweating his nuts off in the desert after crashing there – falling down getting helped up by a girl and running away from some explosions – and as far as I recall that was about it until trailer 3 came out like 9 months later. So he seemed like a bit of a klutz to me at first, but that’s just how I saw it. They don’t want to reveal too much, but that first scene of the first trailer with him getting up in the desert did seem a bit comical (and yes it could have been a subconscious association with the Spaceballs scene combing the desert, which was hilarious).

        Abrams’ and Disney probably chose a black dude and a chick (pardon my vernacular) as the leads because it not only signals cultural sensitivity, but it also is new – which helps story telling a great deal. For instance, another boy in the desert waiting for adventure would have been cliche, this time its a girl and its original.

        But having thought about this whole topic a bit, it seems clearer than ever to me that my final assessment is the most likely – Finn is definitely a jedi, and they will likely reveal rey is one as well. I think that would make a great story too, but we’ll have to wait and see.

        • stereotyped

          Chris you have made the most sane comment since the first trailer. It’ll take two Jedi to deafeat Kylo-Ren, and I believe Fin and Rey will join together to defeat him.

          • adam martin

            Or just one to turn him to the light. We haven’t seen that happen in movies and would make a cool plot.

          • Chris

            Thanks man, yeah can’t wait to find out! Since I posted, I’ve been hearing more people voice their theory that perhaps Finn is just a red herring in terms of who the next Jedi is. If we lived in a vacuum where politics and social dynamics didn’t effect marketing, I would lean towards this, because they ‘gave away’ a very big part of the plot for free (who is the next jedi). However, if you create an elaborate marketing ploy where you position one as the Jedi, and then reveal another – it would make sense, but it would be balsey as I said earlier. I have nothing against either actors -but I am still more certain that Rey is the new Jedi – though there may be two. As you said, it may take two after all to take down Kylo, who looks to be pretty baddass.

            We’ll see what theories hold up in a couple of weeks! lol

  • adam martin

    I hope Rey and Finn become Jedi. In the non canon universe there was a padawan of Luke named Finn who dressed a lot like Finn in this movie. Check it out…

    • stereotyped

      Ah Adam. You saw it too.

  • Zack Scott

    Have you noticed recently..the theme in society is about women saving men…its makes sense that Rey is Lukes daughter..and the arc of the series will be her re-deeming Luke her father- just as Luke redeemed his father Vader….Kylo- is the son of Han and Leia….just my two cents..but makes sense.

  • Christopher Evans

    I think the lightsaber is being given to leia by a dying luke skywalker

    • adam martin

      Lol…Luke is the most powerful being in the universe. He will die an old Jedi. Someone had to teach the newbies. My theory is the lightsaber is given to rey/finn by Leia and told to find Luke. I think it’s possible Solo dies in this trilogy. Not sold on him dying in 7 though.

  • Daniel

    “The force is strong in my family. My father has it, I have it, my sister has it… You have that power too…”

    You realize that’s a rehash from Luke’s lines to Leia in Episode 6 right? It’s a slghtly different order but nearly identical

  • AA.bob

    Uhmmm… These comment are presumptuous on MUSTS haha. Not to discredit any other theories, but I do believe that the most likely that Rey and (Kylo)Ren are the Han and Leia’s (who is force sensitive) fraternal twins. Though not guaranteed at all there is a Finn in the extended books as well who becomes a pupil of Luke (hence the possibility of him having his light saber in a pinch). There are some superfluous evidence of these as well such as the newest trailer focusing on “the same eyes” and panning mostly from Han to Rey, as well as the posters that have Rey and Kylo Ren’s weapons running parallel to show connection. Just food for thought.

  • Nate Blank

    He didn’t name Kylo Ren >Darth Ren because of hipster reasons. Darth is too mainstream, etc. Finn isn’t Force-sensitive because he would had been found out as a child while serving the Empire. Rey is Force-sensitive. In fact it is her Force that is “awaken” in this film, likely after so-in-so dies in front of her.

    • adam martin

      They didn’t name him Darth because there isn’t Sith that we know of neat Dark Side users. He would One there isn’t one to train him that we know of and 2nd he’s just not that skilled. He would basically be the dark side padawan equivalent. That’s my theory anyway.

  • Kevin Duffey

    What if its all a ploy and though Finn may be force sensitive he clearly takes Kylo (by the way KYLO: sKYwalker soLO) on untrained and probably gets his ass kicked what if Rey has her own lightsaber hidden in her staff and after Finn is hurt she whips it out and does a serious battle with Kylo and reveals that she had been trained years ago by her uncle Luke. Could be cool.

  • Jayme

    Yes, let’s follow the same trend and make every movie with a female lead. It’s not like it will ruin the franchise or tarnish the memory of the originals or anything….

    • Vicki Standish

      You’re right, it won’t ruin the franchise or tarnish the memory of the originals. You’re absolutely right. It’s too bad you were being sarcastic, though. How about crawling out of your cave and into the year 2015; you’ve only got a week and a half left of it…

  • Djeli Styles

    I doubt Finn is a Storm Trooper. Those that know the Star Wars Universe, most Storm Troopers are clones and I doubt Lando gave up his DNA for cloning purposes.

  • The Panda Army

    I think that the prophecy actually is about finn and not luke 😮

  • Tomas Rivera

    Finn’s primary weapon is a 6-foot tall Ace hair pick 🙂 “We ain’t found shit!” is all I can think of when I see him in that stormtrooper outfit. Seriously though, it’ll be difficult for anyone old enough to have seen Spaceballs not to think of that when they see him which is unfortunate since it will be hard to take him seriously. And that’s not racist, it’s just one of those things you can’t not think of once you’ve seen that scene.

  • Rob

    -Contains spoilers-

    Kylo Ren is the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia and Finn isn’t a jedi but Rey is one and I personally think that Rey is Luke’s daughter

    • Chris

      Finn still could be a Jedi. There is no negative or positive confirmation in this one, and perhaps a couple clues pointing to either alternative. I agree that Rey is probably Luke’s daughter.

  • Chris


    So, is Finn really a Jedi? After watching The Force Awakens, the question is still open. What we know for sure is that Rey is a Jedi and will continue her training with Luke into the next film. What we don’t know yet is if Finn is force sensitive or not. Here’s my breakdown of Finn from a filmmaker/critic perspective that might clue us into his true status. Mind you I’ve only watched the film once (yesterday)

    Reasons why he might be force sensitive, but thus far ‘un-awakened’:
    1. He for some reason resisted the programming techniques of the First Order storm troopers. This good be due to his inherent goodness, or perhaps a strength of will/ethical intelligence that characterize many Jedi, good or ill.
    2. He wields a lightsaber pretty well for a non-jedi – actually nicking Kylo at one point surprisingly.
    3. He and Rey share a special bond, which is most evident when they are mirroring each other in the scene after their daring escape in the Millennium Falcon. They pull off a complex and difficult maneuver together that surprises both of them equally, and they practically finish each others sentences (sandwiches) right afterwards. What kind of combination of skill, luck, and the force allowed them to pull it off?
    4. Marketing stand point: an implication was before the movie came out and the question will be asked by millions of people who are still wondering – is Finn a Jedi? And the fact that this question was not answered is almost as telling as if it was. They deliberately left it vague and it could go either way. The only reason for leaving it vague and having him ultimately not be a Jedi would be to shroud the story line in more mystery and possibilities, which is a good enough reason as it creates discussion and interest and posts like the one you are hopefully reading right now!

    Reasons why he might not be force sensitive:
    1. He still doesn’t exhibit the overt physicality of an untrained force sensitive person. He isn’t a pilot, so no pod-racing or spaceship flying giveaways there like Anakin and Luke respectively. He isn’t particularly good with a blaster – certainly above average, but not better than someone like Han Solo.
    2. His contrast to Rey make him seem less ‘jedi-like’ and her more ‘jedi-like’. She knocks him down on their first encounter. She’s a pilot and entirely self sufficient. He has initiative but needs help more than she does (she even breaks herself out of Ren’s clutches – and somehow teaches herself the ways of the force in about 5 minutes hmmm). He wields the light saber and actually acquits himself pretty darn well for a non-force user, but still gets owned. She picks it up and right away is Ren’s equal – which is a bit hard to understand, because unless she is drastically more powerful than Ren, training should account for more than her brief epiphany, but I could be wrong and their could be other factors to consider.
    3. The scene with Maz was quite telling. For one thing, she seems clued into Rey right away as someone of interest, and not only knows that Rey is a Jedi, but hints at her connection (relation?) to Luke as well. Whereas to Finn, she saw someone wanting to run away, no indication of his untapped force potential. Perhaps she just missed the signs? She did look pretty close though, lol.
    4. Other details: Affinity for blasters. Not a pilot. Was a clone, so frankly waking up from his programming is enough of room him to have room for character development. For most noble characters, you would think that being part of the rebellion is sort of default, but not for his character, who was raised to be a storm trooper.

    But after all this is said one more question remains: If Finn is not a Jedi, what is his purpose – his destiny? Every character must have one.

    • SonicDash06

      If you browse reddit a little, you will find out in the novelization that Rey was known about by Ren since she was young. Cause Ren is 9 years older then Rey. We find out that Ren is subdued by Snoke, and that Ren destroys the place that Luke was training the jedi and everyone along with it, but he doesn’t kill Rey, why? Because they are cousins! Kylo and the knights of Ren were there destroying the school, but Kylo prevented them from killing her. So he killed one of the knights to stop him. And he didn’t kill her. So he then told Snoke there was no survivors, Luke found Rey, told his friend to watch over her (guy from beginning of movie), wipes her mind, and here we are. That’s where she gets her force powers from. And that’s why she is so good with this stuff.

      And for Finn, there is a VERY good chance for him to be force sensitive. Sort of like how Leia is, she just chose not to use it. But Finn might get the chance since Luke is all about that and the galaxy needs more jedi. He might get Finn to embrace his powers (whether he knows he has them or not). Im honestly hoping he is going to be another Lightsaber wielder. And I hope that Rey’s lightsaber is Green and Finn’s is blue. I just think that’s a good thing to do since its different then the original story and it creates a dynamic from it.
      Time will tell I guess!

      • Chris

        Nice dude, yeah that all makes a lot of sense. My question to you now is: what role would the actor Benicio del Torro play in episode viii? A sith/dark jedi? That is the first thing that comes to my mind.

    • ShadWolf115

      I think something that people seem to forget is the possibility that Rey was Ren’s equal because Finn and Solo had both injured him before he and Rey fought.

  • Marcus Bundgaard

    I think that Luke is talking to Rey. If you haven’t watched the movie then don’t read more. At the of the movie u see Rey and Luke standing next to each other. That’s the only scene with Luke in it and Rey has just discovered that she can use the force. No signs of Finn using anything and the lightsaber got Rey taking it and not Finn. He just holds it at one point

  • robin107

    my thoughts?? because black lives matters even in a galaxy far far away and they might boycout the force awaken because starwarssowhite might be a political issue.