Spider-Man to have more than a cameo in Captain America: Civil War?

It was revealed last week that there was a scene already shot involving Tom Holland as Peter Parker in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie. It was speculated that

Channing Tatum to become Gambit after all?

There was worry for those supporting Channing Tatum as Gambit, since there was a report saying that the actor might drop out of the project. Now we have The Hollywood

Fantastic Four reboot to ‘surprise all the haters’

The Fantastic Four reboot has been met with many critical fans. This includes the way Thing looks, Johnny Storm being black, Dr. Doom’s origin, and more. There also have been

GameStop taking pre-orders for amiibo 3-pack this Saturday

On Friday July 31st, a rumored reddit post announced that GameStop would be taking pre-orders in store for an amiibo three pack on Saturday, August 8th. Well GameStop has confirmed that they

New collaboration costumes for Dead of Alive 5: Last Round

During the Dead or Alive Festival held on August 1st in Japan, Team Ninja and Tecmo Koei announced that Dead or Alive 5: Last Round would be receiving new costumes

Attack on Titan: Junior High anime coming in October

Production I.G. has revealed that Attack on Titan: Junior High (Shingeki! Kyojin Chūgakkō), a parody spin-off manga based off of Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan series, will be getting an anime adaption series

Fairy Fencer F arrives on Steam August 4

Idea Factory International announced that Fairy Fencer F will arrive on Steam on August 4th. Originally released on the PlayStation 3 last year by NIS America, the Steam version of

Mighty No. 9 delayed until 2016?

On Friday, GameInformer announced that Comcept’s Mighty No. 9 was delayed until sometime in 2016 after retailers including GameStop, Amazon and Best Buy posted a new place holder date of December 31,

Summon Night 5 getting a Limited Edition release from Gaijinworks

As a fan of Japanese Role Playing Games (JRPGS), it’s pretty sad to know a lot of great games never get released outside of Japan. Gaijinworks, which formed back in

Deadpool gets a trailer for its trailer

“From the studio that inexplicably sowed his ****ing mouth shut the first time, comes 5-time Academy Award viewer Ryan Reynolds as a man on an eHarmony date with destiny.” Now

PlayStation lets fans choose next free game

Usually for the monthly Instant Game Collection, PlayStation+ games are chosen by Sony, but soon it will hand it off to the fans to choose. It is calling it “Vote

Is Konami ruling its employees with an iron fist?

Konami is trying really hard to make its fans unhappy. Konami has been removing the Kojima brand from its Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain promos, and there are

Humans ‘Episode 6’ recap and review

By Josh Kaye So far in Humans, we’ve seen the human/synth relationship being tested to the limits. How dependent has civilization been on synth’s? Do people find themselves connecting with

Videogame BANG! LIVE Episode 23: Fart Underwear

What’s going on, everybody! VGB LIVE is back with an awesome show this week. Lareesa returns to the show joining Cory, Aaron and David in Studio B and they have

Vega is back for Street Fighter V

Voilà! Street Fighter’s vain veteran has vowed vengeance, hoping to verily vanquish the virtuous… you may call him Vega! Today it was announced that the ‘Spanish Ninja’ will in fact

Blue Steel is back in Zoolander 2 teaser trailer

It’s been 14 years since Hansel was last “so hot right now”, and Derek Zoolander was the face of Mugatu’s new “Derelicte” fashion line. But you can’t keep a really,

Captain America: Civil War trailer leaked?

The new Captain America movie has been long awaited; we all know that. After getting news about the Spider-Man cameo that will be coming along with the new film, I’m

Amazon Dash is real, it’s here, but do we need it?

When I first heard about Amazon Dash, I thought it was an April’s Fools joke. After all it was announced on April 1st. Much to my surprise, and arguably the

Justice League cast and crew to reunite in panel at New York Comic Con

While some of us are still recovering from San Diego Comic-Con, its little brother, New York Comic Con, looms less than two months away. As the October 8th to 11th

KURA’s ‘NAMEK’: EDM meets Dragon Ball Z

Spinnin Records brings us an awesome music video to a hard-hitting house beat. KURA’s latest jam, NAMEK, is set to an epic stop-motion battle between Goku, Cell, Vegeta, Trunks, and