The Blacklist Season Three: Sneak peek into the trailer and Liz’s new look

Last season of The Blacklist ended with Liz (Megan Boone) becoming one of the FBI’s Most Wanted list. Number one to be exact.
With her newfound identity as a criminal, Liz is now on the run with Red (James Spader) to find out more about her past and try to clear her name. With that, Liz is going to need to have a new identity – hence the new hair color. Red is taken aback from her new look – could it be because she reminds him of her mother?
Executive producer Jon Bokenkamp tells Entertainment Weekly, “What we hit on in the story is that by virtue of her being on the run and having to change her look, she ends up realizing that she may look like her mother.  It felt like a really nice, organic way to take the on-the-run story of two fugitives and yet tie it back into the mythology of who Liz is, who Red is, what their relationship is and to lean into the bigger question of identity.”
Check out the season three trailer below:
The Blacklist returns Thursday, October 1st at 9pm on NBC.
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