Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition’s Jeff Bunker on character design and working with Lucasfilm security

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First came Disney and Pixar characters with Disney Infinity 1.0 Edition. Afterwards Marvel characters appeared like Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man and Rocket Raccoon in Disney Infinity 2.0 Edition. Now with Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition, we get another big franchise joining the family, and that’s Star Wars. Fans will get to collect and play with many characters from the animated series, original Star Wars trilogy, prequel Star Wars trilogy, and the upcoming Star Wars films.

With animated shows like Clone Wars and Rebels, it would seem that creating the Infinity version would be as simple as just copying the style. That’s not the case.

“We weren’t inspired at all by Clone Wars or Rebels when we were coming up with the Infinity style,” Jeff Bunker of Avalanche VP of Art Development told Nerd Reactor. “It even surprised us that when we started working on those characters, we’re like, ‘Holy cow, this is a close cousin to what we’re already doing in Infinity.'”

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Bunker discussed the balancing act on the characters based on the live-action films.

“As with the live-action characters, it was just really a matter of finding a really appealing caricature that was complementary of that character and the essence of their personality, so a fan would say, ‘Oh yeah, that’s clearly Luke; that’s clearly Han Solo.’ It was a matter of finding a balance between our Infinity style and make sure the likeness is still there.”

With a new version of the game out, fans can expect the same fun mechanics with some improvements.

“We’ve taken everyone of the systems and features that were already in the game, and just really polished and made every one of them better,” Bunker said. “We’ve added a couple of new systems, the sidekick system and the farming mechanics of the Toy Box. They’re a lot fun. We’ve taken what already exists there and just really made it more expressive for the player. When you get a chance to play some of the new Infinity 3 avatars, you’ll see that there is just a lot more that you’re able to do. The enemies are far more responsive to what you’re doing to them. It’s just a better action and reaction.”

So what was it like collaborating with Lucasfilm?

“There’s a very nice relationship that we developed with [Lucasfilm] and working on everything like the design of the characters, the maps of the worlds, the stories, to the characters,” Bunker revealed. “It was a nice cooperation between the two. We’re always doing what was best for Infinity on our side and them doing their best for Star Wars in their perspective.”

The developers were able to create freely, as long as the game stayed true.

“The only requirement was that it was authentic. We’re constantly making sure we’re being true to the characters. That was really the main guideline that was given.”

Security is really tight for Lucasfilm in regards to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. With Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition having Force Awakens characters and a Play Set coming soon, their access to the information might not be as bad as you think it is.

“They were giving us access as fast as they got access,” answered Bunker. “To be honest with you, it was slower when we needed it, but they were not trying to hold back. There’s an understandable amount of security and material that they had. As you know, there’s a ravenous desire from the fans to get that information and so they’re very careful with us. We certainly understood the security we were experiencing.”

Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition is now available for major platforms.

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