Ridley Scott says Prometheus 2 will be his next movie


Information about the next Prometheus movie has been consistently hazy since the first installment premiered. Exacerbating the situation is Prometheus’ link to the Alien franchise and the fifth episode in that series. However, barring an official denial from 20th Century Fox, it looks like Prometheus 2 will be produced very soon. Rumors have been made regarding a January production start and Ridley Scott’s insistence that the next Prometheus movie be made before Alien 5, but it seems now we have a concrete statement regarding the film.

Empire spoke with Scott and Matt Damon about their upcoming sci-fi film The Martian. The conversation turned to the release date of the film as it has been pushed ahead of its original Spring 2016 release:

“Ridley was done with the movie about two weeks after we shot!” Damon smiled.

“I was already on to my next movie!” adds Scott. “I was starting to look for locations for my next movie, which is Prometheus 2.”

So, there you have it, from the mouth of Scott himself. It looks like he’s going back to space and working on the sequel to the very polarizing film. There’s no official word yet on any of the details, but it looks like those intrigued by Space Jockeys and the further adventures of Shaw and David are in luck.

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