Review: Dragon Ball Z Resurrection ‘F’

Warning: May contain spoilers to Dragonball Z: Resurrection F


Last time on Dragon Ball Z, Frieza traveled to Earth in hopes of exacting his revenge against Goku, but was no match for the mysterious warrior awaiting his arrival. King Cold challenged the saiyan warrior and fell to his power as well. With Frieza and his henchman easily eradicated, the Z Warriors can rest knowing Lord Frieza has been vanquished for good…

…or so they thought! Dragonball Z: Resurrection F brings back the most ruthless villain in the DBZ universe: Frieza! The Z Warriors have had their hands full since Namek but after Frieza’s death, one of his commanders has been trying to maintain control of his army. With no luck in finding the Namekians nor the two saiyans who defeated Frieza (Goku and Future Trunks), they headed towards Earth to find the dragon balls. With Frieza’s return, the Earth is once again in danger. Knowing that Goku has grown stronger, Frieza wastes no time training to overpower his nemesis. With Frieza back on Earth, can the Z Warriors stop the evil Frieza once and for all?


Dragonball Z: Resurrection F brings back many fond memories to Dragon Ball fans. The battle is reminiscent of Nappa and Vegeta’s first arrival to Earth. With 1,000 soldiers at his arsenal, Frieza puts the Z Warriors to their limits. While Vegeta and Goku are both training with Whis, the frontline is held by Gohan, Piccolo, Tien, Krillin, and Master Roshi, and they are joined by Jaco, the Galactic Patrol Man. Frieza’s henchman have also grown stronger, going toe to toe with Piccolo and either overpowering or outnumbering the rest. Krillin joins the battle with his classic look, shaving his head again and wearing his original orange gi. Master Roshi and Tien hold their own with true martial arts skills but are overwhelmed by numbers. We see Gohan again unsure of his skills and growing confident as the battle goes on, rescuing Krillin and even defeating Piccolo’s opponent with one blow after turning super saiyan. The threat is real when Frieza kills Gohan with one punch, similar to Gohan killing Frieza in Fusion Reborn.

When Goku and Vegeta’s return, the battle turns to legend as the two foes battle it out. Both Goku and Vegeta are surprised when Frieza powers up into his final form, revealing his new increase in power. As the battle goes on, Vegeta watches and even interrupts the fight, wanting a piece of Frieza as well. Knowing that both are holding back, Frieza tempts Goku into going all out and shows his new form, Golden Frieza and easily overpowers Super Saiyan God Goku. With rage and hatred fueling Frieza’s revenge and again pardoned by Goku, Frieza stops at nothing, even blowing up the Earth to fuel his lust for blood. With Whis rewinding time to allow Goku to stop Frieza, Beerus reminds Goku of his weakness toward his enemies.


Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F acts as a sequel to Battle of the Gods, but is more of a tribute film to Dragon Ball and anime fans alike. Bringing back a classic villain, the whole movie is structured around what brought fans into watching, classic DBZ action. We finally get to see Frieza take the battle to Earth, wreaking havoc before the Z Warriors arrive to stop him. Frieza’s first visit was cut short by Future Trunks, but now nothing stands in his way. This is a must-see for true Dragon Ball fans. The animation is updated but the action sequences scream nostalgia. The kid inside you will fear Frieza’s wrath again since Frieza comes back in a big way and doesn’t disappoint.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms

NR 4 Atoms - B

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F is still in theaters until August 17, 2015.

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