Will CBS be okay with Supergirl crossing over to The Flash and Arrow soon?

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Greg Berlanti, the executive producer of the Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl series, has said before that he would like Supergirl to cross over with the likes of The Flash and Arrow in the future. CBS has stated that it’s not interested in a crossover, since it wants to focus on just Supergirl.

Now it looks like CBS may be getting closer to being okay with crossovers, since during the TCA panel, CBS Chairman Nina Tassler revealed that they are doing crossover promotions.

“We have not had conversations about the crossovers, but we are doing crossover promotions, so we will see that with the promotion crossovers, but not in terms of the characters,” Tassler said.

So instead of the characters actually crossing over in the series, we’re likely to see them crossover in ads and promos. Perhaps we’ll see Supergirl battle against The Flash and Arrow in one of the Super Hero Fight Club promos.

Supergirl premieres Monday, October 26 at 8:30 p.m. PT/ET on CBS. Arrow premieres on October 7th at 8PM PT/ET and The Flash on October 6th at 8PM PT/ET on The CW.

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