2nd Annual Big Bite Bacon Fest – It’s all about the bacon!


It’s that time of year again to celebrate all things Bacon! A two-day event, the 2nd Annual Big Bite Bacon Fest was held at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, and it featured dozens of local restaurants and food trucks showing off creative methods of incorporating pork and bacon into different dishes and even desserts.

The moment you stepped into the event, you can smell the aroma of different dishes being freshly prepared. Dog Haus had samples of a very delicious bacon-wrapped hot dog that had a bacon dressing on top and the bun had absorbed some bacon fat. It had to be one of the best bacon-wrapped hot dogs I’ve ever had. Slater’s 50/50 was giving out samples of a bacon burger which included a fried egg and bacon mayonnaise. Since the hamburger meat were being cooked fresh, it took a while since there was a large line.

Of course there were many stalls to try, including one shop preparing bacon-wrapped chicken legs, bacon-wrapped meatballs, bacon-wrapped corn, Thai-inspired salads with bacon and more. Not everything was just bacon, as some places showed off different ways to infuse flavors with pork including egg rolls and roasted pork belly, to name a few.

Local breweries were on hand at the event as well, giving out samples to those who had purchased the beer sampling tickets with their entry. It wasn’t just beer as one stall had mixed vodkas and another had an alcoholic chocolate and vanilla shake with bacon which was very tasty. These went well with the bacon to my surprise.

It was hard not to stop eating all the delicious plates from so many stalls and trucks, but we pushed on to the desserts. Bacon cupcakes, bacon-flavored cotton candy, bundt cakes with bacon on top, bacon bars, and even a bacon-wrapped fried Twinkie…..of course I have so much working out to do to kill the calories I ate in that day, but for the experience and flavors were well worth it.

There were a few stalls that were a miss with me in terms of flavors, but there were a few that came out on top and had me wanting more…

El Cristalazo had to be my favorite overall at Bacon Fest. It had three different dishes that worked well together. The bacon-wrapped shrimp was perfectly cooked and brought out both flavors, but my favorite had to be the bacon-wrapped chili pepper filled with cheese and shrimp. One bite had so many flavors, and it had a great kick that left a lasting impression with me.

Last year my overall favorite was from BigMista’s BBQ, and this year they went with something different, a Cubano filled with pig candy. It was very sweet and tasty, and I could’ve eaten a dozen of them.

While the Big Bite Bacon Fest only happens once a year in Long Beach, it’s a great way to take your love of bacon to a whole new level by trying things you may have never expected bacon to be a part of. Tickets ranged from $40-80 online (more at the door) and you can easily go back over and over to any stall to get your money’s worth. Make sure you go with a big appetite and plenty of sunblock next time.

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