GameStop taking pre-orders for amiibo 3-pack this Saturday


On Friday July 31st, a rumored reddit post announced that GameStop would be taking pre-orders in store for an amiibo three pack on Saturday, August 8th. Well GameStop has confirmed that they will indeed be taking pre-orders for the exclusive three pack which includes R.O.B., Mr. Game and Watch and the Duck Hunt Duo starting at 9 am.

This time Gamestop is more prepared for all the collectors and scalpers that will be camping out for these exclusive figures. Each store is rumored to have around 30 bundles available and will be done in-store rather than the web in-store option which caused the servers to crash last time. Each person will be able to order one amiibo three pack and will only need to put $5 down.

There is no official date on when the three pack will be released.

Source: Amiibo News

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