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With Gamescom right around the corner, gamers are hitting the social network to get any details about what Microsoft has up their sleeve. Well Microsoft’s own Phil Spencer was there to reply.

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So when it comes to backwards compatibility, we wont be seeing a full emulator on the console this gen, but that begs the question why? In an age where it is fully possible to do such a thing with consoles, why not add that feature in right from the start? I understand there’s possibly some game licensing issues and so forth, but to know that an emulator is in my system for older titles just would give me hope for the future of my console.

Phil goes on about backwards compatibility, stating that consoles need to evolve like¬†PCs, since window gamers don’t concern themselves with¬†backwards compatibility, but more with hardware innovations. I can get behind that, and if that’s Phil’s mindset, I cant wait to see these innovations.

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Phil didn’t spend all of his time on backwards compatibility. A question was asked about Quantum Break, and Phil played it cool.

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Microsoft takes the stage at Gamescom on August 4th in China. Best believe the gaming world will be watching to see what bomb they will drop.

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